Boeing Showcases Space Bins at Aircraft Interiors Expo
New bins available for the 737 family will hold 50 percent more bags

HAMBURG, Germany, April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) is showcasing its roomier luggage bins available on its 737 family of airplanes at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week.

Space Bins answer the call for more space to stow carry-on bags. Each of the larger Space Bins will hold six standard sized bags, two more than the large current Boeing Sky Interior pivot bins installed on many Next-Generation 737s.

That allows for 194 total bags in Space Bins on a 737-900ER or 737 MAX 9, compared to 132 in the current bin configuration; 174 compared to 118 on a 737-800 or 737 MAX 8; and 130 compared to 90 on a 737-700 or 737 MAX 7.

With a lower bin lip height, Space Bins provide increased visibility into the back of the bins and make bag loading even easier. They're also as easy to close as the current pivot bins, yet require no bin assist mechanism to facilitate closure.

Boeing interior engineers recently asked a group of frequent fliers to test out Space Bins at the 737 Configuration Studio in Seattle.

"They're enormous compared to the other bins," said Daniel Jones, a frequent passenger on the 737. "I won't have to gate check my bags anymore. Boarding will be a lot quicker plus I won't have to help my girlfriend load her bags because she can reach these bins a lot easier."

Jones added that he sees Boeing leading the way it comes to new innovations in airplane interiors. 

"Space Bins were created to add value for our airline customers," said Steve Pickard, interiors engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "But being able to see the ultimate customer, our Boeing airplane passengers, get excited about something my team helped build is truly gratifying."

Airlines can expect quicker boarding and turnaround time at the gate and passengers will benefit from decreased anxiety about finding space for their carry-on bag when boarding a flight.

Two airlines have already ordered the new Space Bins including launch customer Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Boeing's Space Bins are also available for retrofit on in-service Next-Generation 737s.

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