Boeing CEO Message on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Report

ARLINGTON, Va., May 25, 2023— Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun shared the following message with employees today:


Each day, we collaborate around the world in support of our products, services and various projects. Through this work, one of the most important things we can do is to ensure every teammate feels valued and heard as we cultivate a culture that is committed to including one another. Across our company, we continue to make progress in advancing representation and inclusion as outlined in the 2023 Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Report. This report, which published today, is how we hold ourselves accountable. I encourage you to read it, discuss in team settings and share with your networks.

We are well on our way to achieving Boeing’s 2025 aspirations and committed to doing more. Several factors drove progress last year and will remain key components of our strategy going forward: 

  • We hired approximately 23,000 employees in 2022 with equitable hiring practices helping ensure team members reflected the diversity of the communities where we operate. 
  • Women and U.S. racial and ethnic minorities are now more represented at nearly every level, including in executive, manager, engineering, professional and factory positions. While we meet and sometimes exceed industry averages in those areas, we are setting the bar higher.
  • As part of our commitment to building a diverse talent pipeline, we continue to support our veteran population, LGBTQIA+ community, and those within our workforce who have a disability. 
  • Our Seek, Speak & Listen habits are helping teammates seek out and solve issues before they become problems, speak up to share ideas or concerns, and listen intently to take action when necessary. 

Thank you for your support as we further improve our company and strive to set an example within our industry. There is more work to be done, but together, we are building a bright future for Boeing.