Boeing CEO Condemns Intolerance and Harassment in Note to Employees

CHICAGO, June 1, 2020— Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun issued the following letter to employees on Friday, May 29, 2020:

It is disheartening for me to see events — like the recent one in Minneapolis — that strike at the heart of our diverse communities. Whenever these things happen, they evoke a range of emotions: anger, fear, sadness, suffering. For those of you feeling these things, you are not alone. When anyone feels the pain of prejudice, we should all feel it.

And you can be certain that when unacceptable acts of discrimination happen inside Boeing, the tolerance of this company for the people who engage in them will be precisely zero. There is no room in our company for them, and in fact in my short time as your CEO we have already terminated individuals for engaging in that behavior.

Let me make that absolutely clear: Harassment in any form, whether verbal, written, visual or physical, is not tolerated at Boeing.

As a leader, I will stand up for those targeted unfairly by others. I expect all Boeing leaders to do the same in our company, and I encourage them to do so in their communities as well.

And as a company, every one of us is expected to act with integrity, promote diversity and inclusion, and treat one another with trust and respect. By signing Boeing’s Code of Conduct each year we have all put our word to that.

I would encourage you to take it even further. Seek out and listen to your teammates’ perspectives. Understand what they are experiencing and how we can support one another. Ask questions about diversity, inclusion and perceptions so that we can learn and be better together.

In these ways, we can spot behaviors that drag us away from the inclusive culture we want to have. Each member of our global team brings something uniquely valuable to Boeing, and we grow stronger when everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

A number of channels are available for employees to raise concerns safely and without fear of retaliation, including engaging with supervisors, a Human Resources or Ethics professional, or the hotline where people can report an incident by phone. Business Resource Groups are also available for team members to seek out diverse perspectives. A list of them appears below.

These are uneasy times. Be safe and take care of one another.


Business Resource Groups:
Boeing Asian Professional Association
Boeing Black Employees Association
Boeing Employees Ability Awareness Association
Boeing Employees Pride Alliance
Boeing Generation to Generation
Boeing Native American Network
Boeing Familia
Boeing Veteran Engagement Team
Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership

Boeing Communications