IAM files third petition at Boeing South Carolina
Union seeks “micro-unit” representation of flight line teammates

MARCH 5, 2018, North Charleston, S.C., -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) has been notified by the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) that the International Association of Machinists (IAM) has filed a third petition in less than three years seeking to unionize Boeing South Carolina (BSC). This petition is limited exclusively to the flight line teammates, a tactic commonly referred to as “micro-unit” organizing.

“This union refuses to hear the clear message our team has voiced repeatedly,” said Joan Robinson-Berry, vice president and general manager of Boeing South Carolina. “Now they want to pit our teammates directly against each other. The company will challenge this filing because we strongly believe that the IAM’s attempt to isolate our flight line teammates is unreasonable and is prohibited by federal law.”

In the days ahead, the company will file its legal challenge and the NRLB will determine if the petition will proceed as filed. There will be no election scheduled until the NLRB resolves the legal challenge. In 2017, the union lost its second bid to unionize the site when approximately 74 percent of the voters cast a “no” ballot.

 “It’s really a shame and a disappointment that they have chosen to put our flight line teammates through this divisiveness and disruption again,” said Robinson-Berry. “We will share reliable facts and information with our team as we’ve done in the past, while the IAM will continue to try to deceive with their typical half-truths and misinformation. Our collaborative culture has been the cornerstone of success at Boeing South Carolina, and we continue to strongly believe that a union isn’t in the best interests of our teammates, our business, our community and our state.”

“This community has embraced Boeing and we’re proud to call South Carolina home,” said Robinson-Berry. “We want to ensure that our teammates and our Charleston area neighbors understand the real impact that IAM representation could have on our teammates, their families, our business and our community. This petition is prohibited by federal law and we will fight it aggressively.”

Information about Boeing South Carolina and the issues at hand during this process can be found at and on the We Are Boeing SC Facebook page.



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