Boeing to Support SWISS Maintenance Optimization
Solutions increase efficiency and maintenance performance

SEATTLE, February 15, 2016 – Boeing [NYSE:BA] today announced that Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has signed agreements for several Boeing solutions to increase efficiency and streamline maintenance performance tasks across the airline’s global operations. 

The tools from Boeing – Airplane Health Management, Maintenance Performance Toolbox and Loadable Software Airplane Part Services (LSAP Services) –will leverage real-time information to optimize SWISS airplane maintenance performance operations. SWISS will implement these Boeing fleet and maintenance tools with its new fleet of Boeing 777 airplanes.

“Partnering with Boeing to implement these services will enhance our maintenance capabilities and drive increased efficiency,” said Peter Wojahn, Chief Technical Officer, SWISS. “Using real-time data will help us to make more informed fleet management decisions and reduce aircraft down time.”

Boeing Airplane Health Management services improve operational performance by using airplane data to advise maintenance staff and engineers on actionable solutions that can reduce delays, cancelations and diversions through better decision making.

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox modules chosen by SWISS will reduce the time needed to access aircraft-specific technical information and establishes digital maintenance record keeping, eliminating paper-based materials. The Toolbox solutions also establish a searchable library of fleet-wide maintenance data, including customized maintenance documents created by SWISS, to meet their specific operational needs.     

“Boeing is very pleased to support SWISS’ entry into service of their new 777-300ER airplanes with these proven digital tools,” said John Maggiore, director, Boeing Fleet and Maintenance Solutions. “Together, Airplane Health Management, Maintenance Performance Toolbox and LSAP Services will provide an integrated platform for efficient operations.”  

SWISS will be the first airline to integrate Boeing Software Distribution Tools – a component of LSAP Services – with 777 airplanes. SWISS will now be able to efficiently and securely manage and exchange airplane operational data and software with their aircraft wirelessly or manually. This will provide SWISS with increased operational flexibility and streamlined processes, and the airline will be able to enhance verification of essential data.

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