Statement on NTSB Southwest 1380 recommendations

CHICAGONov. 19, 2019 -- We commend the NTSB for its thorough investigation into this accident. Our common goal is to help prevent similar events from happening in the future.

Safety and quality are Boeing’s top priorities and Boeing is committed to working closely with the FAA, engine manufacturers, and industry stakeholders to implement enhancements that address the NTSB’s safety recommendations.

Actions include:

— Supporting engine manufacturers’ recommendations for fan blade inspections.
— Enhancements being introduced into the inlet and fan cowl designs to enhance their ability to withstand an engine fan blade out event as well as to increase the overall capability of these structures.

All 737 NGs are safe to continue operating normally as the issue is completely mitigated by the fan blade inspections. In addition, Boeing is working on the design enhancements to fully address the safety recommendation from the NTSB. Once approved by the FAA, that design change will be implemented in the existing NG fleet over the longer term. This issue is limited to the 737 NG and does not affect the 737 MAX.

Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Jennifer Riordan, who died from her injuries, with those who were hurt, and with all of those onboard. We are committed to doing our part in making sure an event like this never happens again.

Boeing Communications