Boeing Launches Outreach Campaign in Canada
Campaign to reinforce Boeing's presence and economic impact

OTTAWA, Ontario, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] today launches an intensive multimedia campaign to raise awareness and understanding across Canada of the company's significant presence and annual impact on the nation's economy.

"Boeing contributes approximately $4 billion Canadian dollars annually to Canada's economic growth and development, which is nearly 14 percent of Canada's entire aerospace economic impact," said Kim Westenskow, managing director, Boeing Canada. "What we accomplish together benefits Canada and the entire global aerospace industry. It is a compelling story that is overdue to be told."

The public outreach campaign will distribute detailed information about the company's work with its 560 Canadian suppliers, the more than 17,500 jobs supported in the supplier network, the company's extensive operations with 2,000 employees, and its substantial contribution to Canada's economy. Information will be shared through traditional and digital media outlets. 

"Boeing's partnership with Canada spans an entire century dating back to when founder Bill Boeing launched the world's first international mail service between Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle in the Boeing C-700," said Westenskow. "Today, Boeing is the largest non-Canadian aerospace manufacturer in Canada. We have close partnerships with government, industry and customers in both commercial airlines and the military. It is important that we share this story with the people of Canada."

The first phase of the campaign will run on television, traditional and online radio and across various digital platforms.

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Boeing Communications
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