Luxembourg's Luxair Orders Boeing Next-Generation 737-800

SEATTLE, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Luxair Luxembourg Airlines, the national airline of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, have finalized an order for an additional Next-Generation 737-800 airplane. The airline previously ordered a 737-800 in June. The 737-800 has an average list price of $77 million.

"The 737-800 has already proved to be a great success with Luxair and it provides us and our tour operator LuxairTours with the ideal aircraft to offer high quality and reliable service on LuxairTours vacation flights to the Mediterranean and as far as Cabo Verde in Africa," said Adrien Ney, LuxairGroup president and chief executive officer. "This additional order confirms our commitment to provide a modern fleet with the highest levels of quality, comfort and environmental performance."

Like the current Next-Generation airplanes in Luxair's fleet, the new 737 will be equipped with advanced-technology Blended Winglets, an environmental innovation that reduces drag, resulting in less fuel consumption and a decrease in carbon emissions of 3.5 to 4 percent. The new airplane also will benefit from performance enhancements expected to result in a 2 percent reduction in fuel consumption, which will be in place by early 2012 through a combination of airframe and engine improvements.

"This latest order reinforces our long standing relationship with Luxair and the world-class levels of performance the 737-800 provides in terms of fuel efficiency, dispatch reliability and unbeatable economics. The 737-800 represents the perfect fit for Luxair's continued expansion," said Marlin Dailey, vice president of Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Luxair has selected the new 737 Boeing Sky Interior for the airline's latest 737, which features modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals that will provide passengers with a greater connection to the flying experience.

Earlier in September, Boeing announced its production rate for the Next-Generation 737 program will increase to 38 airplanes per month in the second quarter of 2013. This decision comes just months after announcing a rate increase on the company's best-selling commercial jetliner from 31.5 to 35 airplanes per month in early 2012.


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