Boeing Statement on NASA’s Win of 2009 Collier Trophy

HOUSTON, March 3, 2010 -- The National Aeronautic Association today named NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) program the recipient of the 2009 Collier Trophy. The Boeing Company issued the following statement from Joy Bryant, Boeing ISS vice president and program manager, regarding the honor:

"Boeing congratulates NASA and the entire International Space Station team on being named the recipients of the 2009 Collier Trophy. As NASA’s prime contractor for the International Space Station, Boeing takes great pride in this significant recognition.

"The International Space Station well deserves this honor. This Collier Trophy recognizes one of the greatest engineering triumphs of history in terms of the sheer magnitude of the challenges the project faced and the innovation, scientific achievement, leadership excellence and international diplomatic finesse that contributed to the success of one of NASA’s most ambitious programs. Continuing in the great tradition of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the space shuttle, the International Space Station exceeds the size, weight, and endurance characteristics of any previous spacecraft.

"The ISS will set new benchmarks for research and science. Its crews will inspire a new generation to look toward space. Boeing looks forward to our continued support of the station’s role in NASA’s future human spaceflight endeavors as it benefits the entire world with unique scientific breakthroughs until 2020, and perhaps beyond."

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