Boeing to Mentor Creative Management Technology for NASA Small-Business Program

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla., Oct. 15, 2009 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] today announced that it will mentor Creative Management Technology Inc. (CMTI) as part of NASA's Mentor-Protégé program at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). CMTI is a small business and a subcontractor on the U.S. space exploration program.

The goal of the NASA Mentor-Protégé program is to encourage major prime contractors to help small and diverse businesses enhance their ability to work on NASA contracts and subcontracts as part of a long-term business relationship. Boeing has a long-standing commitment to promote small business in central Florida and was the first prime contractor to participate in NASA's Mentor-Protégé program. CMTI is Boeing's third protégé under the program.

"CMTI is a valuable teammate on the Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services (CAPPS) program," said Mark Jager, CAPPS program manager for Boeing. "Its contributions ensure that we can continue to provide excellence in payload processing for the U.S. space program. It is a great example of the value small businesses bring to Boeing."

CMTI was selected to become a protégé in recognition of the exceptional logistics, transportation and warehouse services the company provides on the CAPPS program and its desire to grow. Boeing will mentor CMTI in the areas of technical support and business infrastructure development.

"Boeing has been an important partner in contributing to CMTI's growth," said CMTI President Trox Austell. "This agreement enhances the already great working relationship we have with Boeing. We look forward to working with them to achieve our business goals."

Boeing also currently mentors five companies through a U.S. Department of Homeland Security program and one in a U.S. Department of Defense program. Through various informal and formal mentor-protégé programs, Boeing has mentored or developed more than 50 small and diverse suppliers.

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Susan Wells
Boeing Space Exploration