Boeing Demonstrates Cybersecurity Capabilities to Address Emerging Threats

ARLINGTON, Va., June 12, 2009 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] demonstrated a sampling of its defensive cybersecurity capabilities on June 9 at its Arlington facility, addressing the emerging need for integrated, synchronized and responsive cyber operations. Hosted by Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS), the Integrated Cyber Operations Demonstration provided an in-depth look at how Boeing is harnessing its experience in managing its own networks -- which are among the world’s largest -- as well as its expertise in information assurance, to answer the U.S. government's call for improved cybersecurity.

"Customers are looking to us to provide them with innovative ways to deal with the persistent and pervasive threats to U.S. networks," said I&SS Vice President and General Manager Steve Oswald, whose Cyber Solutions division is developing and integrating comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. "While Boeing isn't as well known in the cyber field as we are in the airplane business, we've actually been working these tough issues for years, and we continue to develop improved capabilities to protect our own networks and to meet customer needs. Clearly, information assurance and cybersecurity have become integral to most of our products across our customer base, as well as becoming an important line of business itself."

Boeing demonstrated its network defense capabilities with the Security Monitoring Infrastructure System (SMIS), which detects and reports network anomalies for broader situational awareness. The Boeing team also demonstrated the Common Open Research Emulator (CORE), a virtual "cyber range" for mission rehearsal and exercise scenarios, training, modeling, simulation and testing.

"We have to become more predictive in defending our networks," said Cyber Solutions Vice President Barbara Fast. "Products such as SMIS and CORE provide customers situational awareness to defend their own network today, while collecting the information necessary to prepare and rehearse in order to better defend future cyber operations."

Boeing Cyber Solutions formed in 2008 within I&SS as a teaming platform and to focus Boeing's companywide capabilities and experience to bring the best of industry to the cybersecurity challenge. The Integrated Cyber Operations Demonstration was the first public demonstration of Cyber Solutions' offerings.

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Michelle Roby
Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems Communications

Jenna McMullin
Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems Communications