EIC and Boeing Unveil Technology Project for Science and Technology Education
Project Seeks to Foster Excitement in Math, Science and Technology Education Through an Innovative Media Collaboration

CHICAGO, April 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), through its Entertainment and Media Communication Institute, has joined with The Boeing Company to launch a nation- wide project to elevate the importance of math, science and technology in various national entertainment media. The project, a multi-year program is designed to stimulate excitement for science, math and technology in students through an innovative business and entertainment industry collaboration.

The project seeks to strengthen how engineers and scientists are portrayed across the entertainment media to present a more positive and accurate view of the careers and potential available in aerospace. To do so, EIC will engage businesses and industries in major fields that require advancements in engineering and technology to enhance their future competitiveness, and will target all levels of education, extensive community outreach and all forms of entertainment media. The relationship reflects Boeing's on-going commitment to promoting the development of quality learning environments in the areas of math, science and literacy necessary for future success in the workforce and in life.

"We've known for some time that we needed to rekindle interest and excitement in our students for math, science and technology," said Rick Stephens, senior vice president of Human Resources for Boeing. "We need to find a way to engage and develop the next generation of scientific and mathematical thinkers who will lead the way in order for the U.S. to compete globally in the future."

"We are crafting this technology project as a catalyst to meet this challenge and help springboard the U.S. once again to a leadership role in science and technology advancement," commented Brian Dyak, president and CEO of EIC.

"Science and technology continue to contribute to the entertainment industry in shaping new entertainment platforms and providing new ways to bring stories to life in engaging ways. In turn, entertainment can be a powerful tool for reaching out to millions of people and grabbing the attention of both parents and the next generation of our future workforce by accurately incorporating and presenting science -- and technology-based information into storylines in entertaining ways through all types of national and local entertainment media."

Stephens added, "By partnering with aerospace, other science -- and technology-based industries, and the entertainment media, we can highlight those career priorities and opportunities critical to our ability to compete in the future. We are also encouraging other companies and industries to join us in committing to the opportunity represented by this effort to develop the workforce and skills needed to reposition the U.S. for global competition in the future."

The project is designed to be a multifaceted program to reach out to students through a variety of education avenues that may include a mentoring initiative, elementary and high school outreach programs, collaborations between university film/media departments and engineering schools, and unique incentive contests. Business, industry and entertainment components include the possible development of interdisciplinary think tanks, expert and technical advisory resources for journalists and entertainment creators, recognition incentive programs for media efforts and the formation of a blue ribbon advisory committee that encompasses the many industries impacted, academic communication scholars and leaders from the entertainment industry.

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