Boeing JTRS GMR Engineering Model Enters New Test Phase

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Oct. 07, 2008 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] has begun its final phase of system integration, testing and certification of the Joint Tactical Radio System, Ground Mobile Radios (JTRS GMR) engineering development model (EDM). The milestone follows on-time availability of the EDM systems to the JTRS program on Sept. 17.

The hardware and software integration includes new and more powerful versions of the operating software, combined with updated versions of both legacy and new networking waveforms. Industry and government testing is scheduled to begin in late 2009. These tests will continue through the certification process, culminating in a Milestone C review and government decision to enter full-rate production in late summer 2010.

"Providing the new engineering development models of the GMRs on schedule took a committed effort by Boeing and its partners Rockwell Collins, BAE Systems, and Northrop Grumman," said Ralph Moslener, Boeing JTRS GMR program manager. "The commitment of this team, working with its Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) customers, is ensuring that this transformational capability is available as early as possible to our servicemen and women."

When fielded, JTRS GMR will provide commanders with improved situational awareness and command and control on the move. The radio system connects multiple nodes across a secure, self-healing, multichannel network, allowing commanders to obtain data, images and video from multiple sources and to quickly provide the information to troops on the tactical edge.

"The pre-engineering development models of the GMR have logged more than 100,000 operating hours, including 20,000 hours in field tests and demonstrations," Moslener said. "With each successive version of the hardware and software, we are seeing improved operational stability and reliability as we make continuous progress on more than 40,000 requirements."

Boeing expects to build 244 GMR EDMs in 2009 for the JTRS GMR program and the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program in preparation for a limited user test of FCS' interoperable combat and communications systems.

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