Boeing Reports Double-Digit First-Quarter Earnings Growth and Record Backlog
- First-quarter EPS grew 43 percent to $1.62 per share as net income rose 38 percent to $1.2 billion
- Operating margin expanded to 11.3 percent as revenue rose to $16.0 billion
- Operating cash flow more than doubled to $1.9 billion
- Backlog reached a record $346 billion
- 2008 EPS guidance reaffirmed at between $5.70 and $5.85 per share
- 2009 EPS expected to grow approximately 20 percent to between $6.80 and $7.00 per share

CHICAGO, April 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Boeing Company's (NYSE: BA) first-quarter 2008 earnings per share increased 43 percent to $1.62 as net income rose 38 percent to $1.2 billion and operating margin rose to 11.3 percent, driven by solid overall execution in both its commercial airplane and defense businesses as well as lower unallocated costs (Table 1).

Boeing's quarterly revenue rose 4 percent to $16.0 billion while its operating cash flow more than doubled to $1.9 billion reflecting the strong operating earnings and higher commercial airplane orders. Free cash flow* increased to $1.5 billion (Table 2).

Boeing reaffirmed its 2008 earnings per share guidance at between $5.70 and $5.85. For 2009, Boeing expects EPS between $6.80 and $7.00 per share on strong production program performance and decreases in R&D and pension expense.

"We're off to a good start in what we expect to be another strong year of financial performance for Boeing," said Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney. "We are methodically working through our challenges, including the start-up of the 787, and our people remain focused on satisfying our customers and leveraging growth and productivity into better bottom-line and top-line performance for our company."

Total company backlog at quarter-end reached a record $346 billion, up 32 percent in the last year, with growth in the quarter driven by commercial airplane and V-22 multi-year orders.

  Table 2.  Cash Flow
                                                          1st Quarter
  (Millions)                                         2008             2007

  Operating Cash Flow(1)                           $1,933             $728
   Less Additions to Property, Plant & Equipment    ($409)           ($451)
  Free Cash Flow*                                  $1,524             $277

  (1) Operating cash flow includes a $506 million contribution to pension
      plans in first quarter of 2008 and $509 million in first quarter 2007.
   *  Non-GAAP measure.  A complete definition and reconciliation of
      Boeing's use of non-GAAP measures, identified by an asterisk (*), is
      found on page 8, "Non-GAAP Measure Disclosure."

Cash and investments in marketable securities totaled $12.1 billion at quarter-end, up 49 percent from the same period last year but unchanged during the first quarter (Table 3). The company spent $1.2 billion to acquire 15.6 million of its shares in the quarter, enabled by the recent $7 billion share repurchase authorization. Also in the first quarter, the company contributed $506 million to its pension plans.

  Table 3.  Cash, Marketable Securities and Debt Balances
  (Billions)                                        1Q08              4Q07
  Cash                                              $7.7              $7.0
  Marketable Securities(1)                          $4.4              $5.1
    Total                                          $12.1             $12.1

  Debt Balances:
  The Boeing Company                                $3.9              $3.9
  Boeing Capital Corporation                        $4.3              $4.3
    Total Consolidated Debt                         $8.2              $8.2

  (1) Marketable securities consists primarily of investments in
      high-quality fixed-income and asset-backed securities classified as
      "short-term investments" and "investments."  At March 31, 2008, it
      also includes time deposits of $1.5 billion and commercial paper of
      $0.1 billion classified as "short-term investments."  At December 31,
      2007, "short-term investments" included time deposits of $1.0 billion
      and commercial paper of $0.8 billion.

  Segment Results

  Commercial Airplanes

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) first-quarter revenues rose to $8.2 billion on an 8 percent increase in airplane deliveries and higher services volume, partially offset by lower aircraft trading volume (Table 4). Operating earnings grew 39 percent to $983 million while margins expanded to 12.0 percent, driven by higher delivery volume and services sales and lower R&D spending. During the quarter, the company delivered its 1,400th 747 airplane and its 700th 777 airplane.

  Table 4. Commercial Airplanes Operating Results
                                                   1st Quarter
  (Millions, except deliveries & margin percent)  2008     2007      Change

  Commercial Airplanes Deliveries                  115      106        8%

  Revenues                                      $8,161   $7,555        8%
  Earnings from Operations                        $983     $706       39%

  Operating Margins                              12.0%     9.3%   2.7 Pts

BCA booked 289 gross orders during the quarter. Contractual backlog rose to a record $271 billion, increasing to more than seven times BCA's expected 2008 revenues.

Progress on the new 787 Dreamliner continues on the revised schedule announced earlier this month. As reported at that time, Boeing continues to address slower-than-expected completion of work that traveled from supplier facilities into Boeing's final assembly line and unanticipated rework. The company expects the first flight to occur in the fourth quarter of 2008 with first deliveries to begin in the third quarter of 2009. Recent milestones include successful completion of structural testing of the horizontal stabilizer, completion of full-scale test flights in our simulators, completion of integration testing required for putting electrical power on the airplane, and airworthiness certification of the General Electric engine. The program won 75 orders in the quarter, and total firm orders since launch rose to 892 airplanes from 57 customers.

Integrated Defense Systems

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) expanded operating margins by 120 basis points to 11.4 percent on revenues of $7.6 billion. IDS results reflect strong execution in all segments and extensive productivity improvements.

  Table 5.  Integrated Defense Systems Operating Results
                                                 1st Quarter
  (Millions, except margin percent)            2008       2007      Change

   Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems    $3,256     $3,327       (2%)
   Network & Space Systems                    $2,693     $2,778       (3%)
   Support Systems                            $1,626     $1,612        1%
  Total IDS Revenues                          $7,575     $7,717       (2%)

  Earnings (Loss) from Operations
   Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems      $389       $433      (10%)
   Network & Space Systems                      $267       $148       80%
   Support Systems                              $204       $203        0%
  Total IDS Earnings from Operations            $860       $784       10%

  Operating Margins                            11.4%      10.2%   1.2 Pts

Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems delivered first-quarter operating earnings of $389 million on $3.3 billion in revenue. Revenue was affected by fewer deliveries on several aircraft programs offset by initial deliveries of two KC-767 international tankers and higher F-15 deliveries. Operating margin was 11.9 percent reflecting product mix and aircraft deliveries in the quarter. In this segment, the company captured a multi-year contract for V-22s and a CH-47 contract. The Air Force awarded the initial KC-X Tanker contract to Northrop Grumman-EADS; Boeing has filed a protest of that award with the Government Accountability Office.

Network & Space Systems achieved significant milestones on several key programs. Operating margin nearly doubled to 9.9 percent driven by strong performance across the segment's array of programs and a favorable settlement on a satellite program. Last year's results were affected by adjustments related to the United Launch Alliance joint venture and revised cost estimates on a satellite program.

Support Systems continues to generate strong profits on its broad portfolio of services and logistics programs. Operating margin was a strong 12.5 percent, reflecting solid program execution and contract mix. In this segment, the company captured the first multi-year sustainment contract for the F-22 Raptor fleet.

The IDS backlog increased during the quarter to $74.8 billion driven by the new V-22 multi-year procurement contract. IDS' backlog is currently more than two times expected 2008 revenues.

Boeing Capital Corporation

Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC) reported first-quarter pre-tax earnings of $61 million compared to $73 million in the same period last year which included a larger portfolio (Table 6). BCC's portfolio balance at the end of the quarter was $6.3 billion, down 20 percent from $7.9 billion last year primarily on customer prepayments, normal portfolio run-off and depreciation. BCC contributed $35 million in cash dividends to the company during the quarter. BCC's debt-to-equity ratio was unchanged at 5.0-to-1.

  Table 6.  Boeing Capital Corporation Operating Results
                                               1st Quarter
  (Millions)                                 2008        2007       Change

  Revenues                                   $185        $213        (13%)

  Pre-Tax Income                              $61         $73        (16%)

  Additional Information

The "Other" segment consists primarily of Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology, as well as certain results related to the consolidation of all business units. Other segment expense was $50 million in the first quarter, reduced slightly from $55 million of expense in the same period last year.

Unallocated expense was $55 million, down from $199 million in the same quarter last year, driven by lower deferred compensation and pension expense.

Total pension expense for the quarter decreased by $61 million to $191 million, of which $124 million was allocated to BCA and IDS, and the remaining $67 million recorded as unallocated expense.


The company's financial guidance summarized in Table 7 reflects strong business performance forecasts at IDS and BCA, increasing commercial airplane deliveries, decreasing investment in new airplane development and company-wide productivity gains. The outlook reflects the impact of the previously announced 787 schedule changes.

Boeing's 2008 revenue guidance is unchanged at between $67 billion and $68 billion. For 2009, the company expects revenues between $72 billion and $73 billion. Earnings-per-share guidance for 2008 is reaffirmed at $5.70 to $5.85 per share. EPS guidance for 2009 is set at between $6.80 and $7.00 per share. Operating cash flow guidance for 2008 is unchanged at greater than $2.5 billion. Operating cash flow for 2009 is expected to exceed $6 billion.

Commercial Airplanes' 2008 delivery guidance remains between 475 and 480 airplanes and is sold out. BCA revenue guidance for 2008 remains between $34.5 billion and $35 billion, and operating margin guidance is unchanged at approximately 11.5 percent. In 2009 BCA expects to deliver between 500 and 505 commercial airplanes -- including approximately 25 Dreamliners -- and is essentially sold out. Commercial Airplanes' revenue in 2009 is expected to grow to between $37 billion and $38 billion accompanied by margins of approximately 11.5 percent. The company expects to deliver more airplanes in 2010 than in 2009.

IDS revenue guidance for 2008 is unchanged at $32 billion to $33 billion. Operating margins are expected to be approximately 10.5 percent. For 2009, IDS expects revenue to grow to $33.5 billion to $34.5 billion, with operating margins exceeding 10.5 percent.

Boeing's total R&D forecast for 2008 is increased to between $3.6 billion and $3.8 billion, up from between $3.2 billion and $3.4 billion due to the new 787 schedule announced earlier this month and additional 747-8 costs. R&D spending is expected to decline in 2009 to between $3.1 billion and $3.3 billion. Annual capital expenditures are expected to be approximately $1.8 billion in 2008, declining in 2009 to approximately $1.7 billion.

The company's non-cash pension expense is expected to be approximately $0.8 billion for 2008, falling to approximately $0.5 billion in 2009, though it may vary due to discount rates and investment returns. Discretionary cash funding of Boeing's pension plans is expected to be approximately $0.5 billion in each of 2008 (contributed during the first quarter) and 2009, though the company will continue to evaluate making additional discretionary contributions to its pension plans.

  Table 7.  Financial Outlook
  (Billions, except per share data)                 2008            2009

  The Boeing Company
   Revenues                                      $67 - $68       $72 - $73
   Earnings Per Share (GAAP)                   $5.70 - $5.85   $6.80 - $7.00
   Operating Cash Flow(1)                         > $2.5           > $6

  Boeing Commercial Airplanes
   Deliveries                                    475 - 480       500 - 505
   Revenues                                    $34.5 - $35       $37 - $38
   Operating Margin                               ~ 11.5%         ~ 11.5%

  Integrated Defense Systems
    Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems      ~ $13.5     Moderate Growth
    Network & Space Systems                       ~ $12      Moderate Growth
    Support Systems                                ~ $7      Moderate Growth
   Total IDS Revenues                            $32 - $33     $33.5 - $34.5

   Operating Margin
    Precision Engagement & Mobility Systems       ~ 11%     Low Double Digit
    Network & Space Systems                        ~ 9%    High Single Digit
    Support Systems                              ~ 12.5%    Low Double Digit
   Total IDS Operating Margin                    ~ 10.5%          > 10.5%

  Boeing Capital Corporation
   Portfolio Size                                  Lower           Lower
   Revenue                                        ~ $0.7          ~ $0.6
   Return on Assets                               ~ 1.5%          ~ 1.5%

  Research & Development                         $3.6 - $3.8     $3.1 - $3.3
  Capital Expenditures                            ~ $1.8          ~ $1.7

  (1) After pension contributions of $0.5 billion in the first quarter of
      2008 and $0.5 billion forecast in 2009.

  Non-GAAP Measure Disclosure

Management believes that the non-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) measures (indicated by an asterisk *) used in this report provide investors with important perspectives into the company's ongoing business performance. The company does not intend for the information to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for the related GAAP measures. Other companies may define the measures differently. The following definitions are provided:

Free Cash Flow

Free cash flow is defined as GAAP operating cash flow less capital expenditures for property, plant and equipment additions. Management believes free cash flow provides investors with an important perspective on the cash available for shareholders, debt repayment, and acquisitions after making the capital investments required to support ongoing business operations and long term value creation. Free cash flow does not represent the residual cash flow available for discretionary expenditures as it excludes certain mandatory expenditures such as repayment of maturing debt. Management uses free cash flow internally to assess both business performance and overall liquidity. Table 2 provides a reconciliation between GAAP operating cash flow and free cash flow.

Forward-Looking Information Is Subject to Risk and Uncertainty

Certain statements in this report may constitute "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words such as "expects," "intends," "plans," "projects," "believes," "estimates," and similar expressions are used to identify these forward-looking statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Forward-looking statements in this press release include, among others, statements regarding future results as a result of our growth and productivity initiatives, our 2008 and 2009 financial outlook and the benefits of the IDS structure. Forward-looking statements are based upon assumptions as to future events that may not prove to be accurate. Actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in these forward-looking statements. As a result, these statements speak only as of the date they were made and we undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Our actual results and future trends may differ materially depending on a variety of factors, including the continued operation, viability and growth of major airline customers and non-airline customers (such as the U.S. Government); adverse developments in the value of collateral securing customer and other financings; the occurrence of any significant collective bargaining labor dispute; our successful execution of internal performance plans including our company-wide growth and productivity initiatives, production rate increases and decreases (including any reduction in or termination of an aircraft product), availability of raw materials, acquisition and divestiture plans, and other cost-reduction and productivity efforts; charges from any future SFAS No. 142 review; ability to meet development, production and certification schedules for the 787 program and the ability to meet scheduled deliveries of the 787 airplane; technical or quality issues in development programs (affecting schedule and cost estimates) or in the satellite industry; an adverse development in rating agency credit ratings or assessments; the actual outcomes of certain pending sales campaigns and U.S. and foreign government procurement activities, including the uncertainty associated with the procurement of tankers by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and funding of the C-17 program; the cyclical nature of some of our businesses; unanticipated financial market changes which may impact pension plan assumptions; domestic and international competition in the defense, space and commercial areas; continued integration of acquired businesses; performance issues with key suppliers, subcontractors and customers; significant disruption to air travel worldwide (including future terrorist attacks); global trade policies; worldwide political stability; domestic and international economic conditions; price escalation; the outcome of political and legal processes, changing priorities or reductions in the U.S. Government or foreign government defense and space budgets; termination of government or commercial contracts due to unilateral government or customer action or failure to perform; legal, financial and governmental risks related to international transactions; legal and investigatory proceedings; tax settlements with the IRS and various states; U.S. Air Force review of previously awarded contracts; costs associated with the exit of the Connexion by Boeing business; and other economic, political and technological risks and uncertainties. Additional information regarding these factors is contained in our SEC filings, including, without limitation, our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2007.

                   The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries
                  Consolidated Statements of Operations

                                                       Three months ended
                                                            March 31
  (Dollars in millions except per share data)         2008            2007
  Sales of products                                 $13,688         $13,229
  Sales of services                                   2,302           2,136
  Total revenues                                     15,990          15,365

  Cost of products                                  (10,788)        (10,431)
  Cost of services                                   (1,755)         (1,756)
  Boeing Capital Corporation interest expense           (62)            (79)
  Total costs and expenses                          (12,605)        (12,266)
                                                      3,385           3,099
  Income from operating investments, net                 58              39
  General and administrative expense                   (775)           (828)
  Research and development expense, net                (869)           (999)
  Loss on dispositions/business shutdown, net                            (2)
  Earnings from operations                            1,799           1,309
  Other income, net                                     100              91
  Interest and debt expense                             (46)            (46)
  Earnings before income taxes                        1,853           1,354
  Income tax expense                                   (647)           (481)
  Net earnings from continuing operations             1,206             873
  Net gain on disposal of discontinued
   operations, net of taxes of $3 and $3                  5               4
  Net earnings                                       $1,211            $877

  Basic earnings per share from continuing
   operations                                         $1.63           $1.14
  Net gain on disposal of discontinued
   operations, net of taxes                            0.01            0.01
  Basic earnings per share                            $1.64           $1.15

  Diluted earnings per share from continuing
   operations                                         $1.61           $1.12
  Net gain on disposal of discontinued
   operations, net of taxes                            0.01            0.01
  Diluted earnings per share                          $1.62           $1.13
  Cash dividends paid per share                       $0.40           $0.35
  Weighted average diluted shares (millions)          747.4           777.4

                   The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries
              Consolidated Statements of Financial Position

                                                    March 31     December 31
  (Dollars in millions except per share data)         2008            2007
  Cash and cash equivalents                          $7,707          $7,042
  Short-term investments                              1,881           2,266
  Accounts receivable, net                            5,784           5,740
  Current portion of customer financing, net            226             328
  Deferred income taxes                               2,447           2,341
  Inventories, net of advances and progress
   billings                                          10,156           9,563
      Total current assets                           28,201          27,280
  Customer financing, net                             6,699           6,777
  Property, plant and equipment, net of
   accumulated depreciation of $12,131 and $11,915    8,376           8,265
  Goodwill                                            3,135           3,081
  Other acquired intangibles, net                     2,236           2,093
  Deferred income taxes                                 247             197
  Investments                                         3,722           4,111
  Pension plan assets, net                            6,391           5,924
  Other assets, net of accumulated amortization
   of $414 and $385                                   1,353           1,258
                                                    $60,360         $58,986
  Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity
  Accounts payable and other liabilities             17,336         $16,676
  Advances and billings in excess of related
   costs                                             13,961          13,847
  Income taxes payable                                  587             253
  Short-term debt and current portion of
   long-term debt                                       802             762
      Total current liabilities                      32,686          31,538
  Deferred income taxes                               1,470           1,190
  Accrued retiree health care                         7,123           7,007
  Accrued pension plan liability, net                 1,073           1,155
  Non-current income taxes payable                    1,123           1,121
  Other long-term liabilities                           391             516
  Long-term debt                                      7,428           7,455
  Shareholders' equity:
    Common shares, par value $5.00 - 1,200,000,000
     shares authorized; 1,012,261,159 and
     1,012,261,159 shares issued                      5,061           5,061
    Additional paid-in capital                        4,357           4,757
    Treasury shares, at cost - 258,324,322 and
     244,217,170                                    (16,006)        (14,842)
    Retained earnings                                22,409          21,376
    Accumulated other comprehensive
     loss                                            (4,423)         (4,596)
    ShareValue Trust shares -
     31,523,665 and 31,362,850                       (2,332)         (2,752)
  Total shareholders' equity                          9,066           9,004
                                                    $60,360         $58,986

                   The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries
                  Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows

                                                        Three months ended
                                                             March 31
  (Dollars in millions)                                2008            2007
  Cash flows - operating activities:
    Net earnings                                     $1,211            $877
    Adjustments to reconcile net earnings to
     net cash provided by operating activities:
      Non-cash items -
        Share-based plans expense                        45              48
        Depreciation                                    322             319
        Amortization of other acquired intangibles       40              37
        Amortization of debt discount/premium and
          issuance costs                                  2               3
        Customer financing valuation benefit             (6)            (33)
        Gain on disposal of discontinued operations      (8)             (7)
        Loss on dispositions/business shutdown, net                        2
        Other charges and credits, net                   56              65
        Excess tax benefits from share-based payment
         arrangements                                   (43)            (31)
      Changes in assets and liabilities -
        Accounts receivable                             197            (231)
        Inventories, net of advances and progress
         billings                                      (604)           (321)
        Accounts payable and other liabilities          628              98
        Advances and billings in excess of related
         costs                                          113            (330)
        Income taxes receivable, payable and deferred   502             359
        Other long-term liabilities                    (127)             (3)
        Pension and other postretirement plans         (419)           (231)
        Customer financing, net                          72             139
        Other                                           (48)            (32)
          Net cash provided by operating activities   1,933             728
  Cash flows - investing activities:
    Property, plant and equipment additions            (409)           (451)
    Property, plant and equipment reductions              9
    Acquisitions, net of cash acquired                  (40)            (75)
    Contributions to investments                     (2,958)           (947)
    Proceeds from investments                         3,630             848
    Other                                               (95)            (56)
          Net cash provided/(used) by investing
           activities                                   137            (681)
  Cash flows - financing activities:
    New borrowings                                        5
    Debt repayments                                     (32)           (817)
    Stock options exercised, other                       15              91
    Excess tax benefits from share-based payment
     arrangements                                        43              31
    Common shares repurchased                        (1,158)           (360)
    Dividends paid                                     (306)           (276)
          Net cash used by financing activities      (1,433)         (1,331)
  Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash
   equivalents                                           28               2
  Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash
   equivalents                                          665          (1,282)
  Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year      7,042           6,118
  Cash and cash equivalents at end of period         $7,707          $4,836

                   The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries
                     Summary of Business Segment Data

                                                       Three months ended
                                                            March 31
  (Dollars in millions)                               2008            2007
    Commercial Airplanes                             $8,161          $7,555
    Integrated Defense Systems:
      Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems       3,256           3,327
      Network and Space Systems                       2,693           2,778
      Support Systems                                 1,626           1,612
    Total Integrated Defense Systems                  7,575           7,717
    Boeing Capital Corporation                          185             213
    Other                                                75              76
    Accounting differences/eliminations                  (6)           (196)
    Total revenues                                  $15,990         $15,365

  Earnings from operations:
    Commercial Airplanes                               $983            $706
    Integrated Defense Systems:
      Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems         389             433
      Network and Space Systems                         267             148
      Support Systems                                   204             203
    Total Integrated Defense Systems                    860             784
    Boeing Capital Corporation                           61              73
    Other                                               (50)            (55)
    Unallocated expense                                 (55)           (199)
    Earnings from operations                          1,799           1,309
    Other income, net                                   100              91
    Interest and debt expense                           (46)            (46)
    Earnings before income taxes                      1,853           1,354
    Income tax expense                                 (647)           (481)
    Net earnings from continuing operations           1,206             873
    Net gain on disposal of discontinued operations,
     net of taxes of $3 and $3                            5               4
    Net earnings                                     $1,211            $877

  Research and development expense:
    Commercial Airplanes                               $633            $788
    Integrated Defense Systems:
      Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems         126             111
      Network and Space Systems                          76              70
      Support Systems                                    33              24
    Total Integrated Defense Systems                    235             205
    Other                                                 1               6
    Total research and development expense             $869            $999

  Unallocated expense:
    Share-based plans expense                          $(30)           $(36)
    Deferred compensation expense                        61             (10)
    Pension                                             (67)           (130)
    Post-retirement                                     (20)            (32)
    Capitalized interest                                (13)             (9)
    Other                                                14              18
    Total                                              $(55)          $(199)

                   The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries
                       Operating and Financial Data

                                                       Three months ended
  Deliveries                                                March 31
  Commercial Airplanes                                2008            2007
    737 Next-Generation                                87              83
    747                                                 4               3
    767                                                 3               3
    777                                                21              17
    Total                                             115             106

  Integrated Defense Systems
  Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems
    F/A-18 Models                                      10              11
    F-15E Eagle                                         4
    C-17 Globemaster                                    3               4
    KC-767 Tanker                                       2
    CH-47 Chinook                                       2               5
    T-45TS Goshawk                                      1               2
    AH-64 Apache                                                        4
    C-40A Clipper                                                       1

  Network and Space Systems
    Commercial and Civil Satellites                     1               2

                                                  March 31     December 31
  Contractual backlog (Dollars in billions)         2008            2007
    Commercial Airplanes                           $271.2          $255.2
   Integrated Defense Systems:
    Precision Engagement and  Mobility Systems       23.1            23.0
    Network and Space Systems                        10.5             9.2
    Support Systems                                  10.8             9.6
   Total Integrated Defense Systems                  44.4            41.8
  Total contractual backlog                        $315.6          $297.0
  Unobligated backlog                               $30.6           $30.2
  Total backlog                                    $346.2          $327.2
  Workforce                                       161,500         159,300

SOURCE: The Boeing Company

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