Boeing and SISO to Develop International Modeling and Simulation Standards

ST. LOUIS, April 18, 2008 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) have partnered to further develop industry standards for modeling and simulation (M&S).

The joint effort is aimed at establishing common standards and guidelines for companies, organizations, academia, governments and others involved in M&S activities such as analysis, research and development, test and evaluation, and training.

Leading the effort for Boeing Advanced Systems is the Analysis, Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation group, which has extensive and long-standing expertise in these disciplines.

Boeing's standards-development initiative complements SISO's core mission of promoting interoperability and reuse of M&S practices to benefit the global M&S community. SISO is a Standards Sponsor under the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and is officially recognized by NATO as an independent Standards Development Organization.

With simulation now an integral part of product development, testing and training, Boeing recognizes the value of industry standards in providing solutions that enable cost-effective modeling and simulation for industry, its partners in government and academia, and its customers.

"Setting industry standards for M&S could eliminate much duplication of effort and promote simulation reuse," said Guy Higgins, Boeing vice president for Analysis, Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation. "The cost savings for industry, its customers and others in the M&S community would be tremendous."

"We welcome this increased commitment from Boeing to actively work with us to set standards and to improve M&S interoperability," said Rick Severinghaus, president of the SISO Executive Committee. "SISO is committed to ensure that the standards we develop are truly valuable and useful to the M&S community."

"Our goal at Boeing is to effectively apply M&S to dramatically improve product quality and decrease time to market," said Steve Cameron, Boeing program manager for the Integrated Virtual Environment Program. "Our success is dependent on the availability of suitable M&S standards that we hope to develop with SISO."

SISO ( is a membership organization that currently consists of 1,131 members from 25 countries. About 30 percent of SISO's members are from outside the United States. Information is available via the "SISO Membership" link on the SISO Web page. A list of SISO sponsors, currently including more than 40 government and commercial organizations, is available via the "SISO Sponsors" link.
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