Boeing Announces Industry Team for Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Production

Boeing is competing to produce the upper stage for the Ares I crew launch vehicle, NASA's first new human-rated launch vehicle since the space shuttle. Boeing announced suppliers include Hamilton Sundstrand, Moog Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation, Orion Propulsion Inc., SUMMA Technology Inc., Chickasaw Nation Industries, United Space Alliance and the United Launch Alliance.

For further information:
Ed Memi
Boeing Space Exploration
(281) 226-4029
Colleen Carroll
Hamilton Sundstrand
(815) 226-5428
Brooks McKinney
Northrop Grumman
(310) 331-6610
Ann Luhr
Moog Inc.
(716) 687-5584
Julie Andrews
United Launch Alliance
(720) 922-7121
Phil Monkress
Chickasaw Nation Industries
(321) 264-3336
Ben Williams
SUMMA Technology Inc.
(256) 830-7008
Angie Fulmer
Orion Propulsion
(256) 461-8032 ext 100
Jeff Carr
United Space Alliance
(281) 212-6156