Boeing Promotes Information Technology Opportunities in Vietnam

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] is conducting its latest in a series of Information Technology Seminars, held in key Vietnamese cities to bring together IT companies and universities with world-renowned experts. Leading these sessions is Dr. John Vu, Boeing Technical Fellow and chief engineer.

The third and last seminar in the current series is being held today and Tuesday at Can Tho University, which also is cosponsoring the event. Similar sessions last week were held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The seminars support the Vietnam government's goal to make its aerospace and information technology industries and education system competitive and internationally recognized.

The seminars are designed to help Vietnamese IT companies compete in the global marketplace and maintain the skills of their workforces in the face of an ever-changing technology base. The two-day events consist of individual, one-day sections that are titled:

  • Leverage Quality for Competitive Advantage, and
  • Practical Curriculum for a Highly IT Skilled Workforce.

Day one will provide information on succeeding in the highly competitive IT world through the development of well-defined processes to operate efficiently and effectively. The seminar addresses the critical issues related to the IT global sourcing market, including Capability Maturity Model Integration model implementation.

CMMI is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes and can be used to guide process improvement across a project, a division, or an entire organization.

Day two focuses on the rapid change in IT technologies and meeting customer demands for better skills and knowledge. This seminar addresses the knowledge and skills needed in today's global workplace and proposes training concepts that will lead to the development of a highly skilled workforce more capable of developing larger, more complex software projects with better productivity and higher resulting quality.

Vu conducted the previous IT seminar series sponsored by Boeing in September 2006. Vu has published more than 40 technical papers on software and systems engineering, three books on software engineering improvement and has presented papers at software engineering conferences worldwide.

Vu has worked on computer integration in support of Boeing 777 software and systems process improvement activities and global software management. His latest book on Software Engineering has been translated into Chinese and Korean and is currently used as a textbook in several universities there. He is active with several industry groups and universities

"Boeing is very serious about helping Vietnam's IT industry to compete in the global marketplace," said Vu. "IT suppliers must understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can improve their capabilities and differentiate themselves from their competition."

In addition to IT seminars, Boeing has also worked to facilitate cooperation between Vietnamese and U.S.-based universities to promote engineering and technology accreditation and improve IT capabilities and English-language skill development through curriculum exchange, cooperative information exchange and training programs.

Boeing, as the world's largest aerospace company, has a long tradition of industry leadership and technology development. The company is a leader in large-scale systems integration, requiring significant talent and innovation in IT-related activities. This industry leadership puts Boeing in the unique position to provide assistance in the development of Vietnam's IT capabilities.

Boeing and its employees have developed a corporate culture focused on working with partners and customers around the world to enhance technical education and infrastructure where the company does business. Over the years, Boeing has lent its support to a number of programs involving good corporate citizenship, and the company continues to investigate new opportunities, including recent school construction projects in Hoi Ninh and Quang Nam.

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