Boeing KC-767 Tanker Offloads Fuel to F-15E

A Boeing [NYSE: BA] KC-767 Tanker aircrew transfers fuel to the first F-15E ever produced. The company uses F-15E1 under a cooperative research and development agreement with the U.S. Air Force.

"The boom performed extremely well," said Rickey Kahler, Boeing KC-767 chief test boom operator. "The fly-by-wire system has optimized the flight controls, making it both precise and first rate."

During the March 6 flight test, the aircrew demonstrated the stability of the new tanker's advanced boom by making multiple contacts with the F-15E and passing 5,500 lbs. of fuel. The KC-767 also transferred 10,000 lbs. of fuel to a B-52 on March 5.

"By refueling a B-52 and an F-15E in the same week, our KC-767 team demonstrated the phenomenal performance of this fifth generation boom while dramatically reducing the risk for future tanker customers like the U.S. Air Force," said Ron Marcotte, vice president and general manager of Boeing Global Mobility Systems.

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