Boeing Closer to Assembling First 787 Dreamliner
Dreamlifter Picks Up First 787 Components in Japan
Second Dreamlifter Rolls Out in Taiwan

Boeing (NYSE: BA) is showing steady progress toward building the first 787 Dreamliner with the rollout of its second specially-modified freighter and a successful first pickup of 787 parts from Japan.

The load consists of section 43, a forward fuselage section made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and section 11/45, the center wheel well and center wing tank, made by KHI and Fuji Heavy Industries and joined at FHI. These were loaded onto the 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter -- now known as the Dreamlifter -- earlier today at Centrair Airport in Nagoya. The large composite parts are destined for Charleston, S.C.

"Today is an exciting day for Boeing and our Japanese partners," said Scott Strode, 787 vice president of Airplane Development and Production. "Transporting these parts from FHI and KHI is the first step in assembling the first 787. We're very pleased with how it went and with the quality of the parts received."

In another sign of production readiness, the second Dreamlifter rolled out of the hangar Jan. 7 in Taipei, Taiwan, sporting its distinctive new white and blue livery. The airplane will take its first flight in the next several weeks.

Three Dreamlifters are being modified by Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation at its facility at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

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