First Boeing Next-Generation 737-700ER Rolls Out of Factory

The first Boeing [NYSE:BA] Next-Generation 737-700ER (Extended Range) completed final assembly and rolled out of the Renton, Wash., manufacturing facility Jan. 2. The airplane receives a painted livery and goes through preflight testing before delivery to launch customer ANA (All Nippon Airways) in early 2007.

The Next-Generation 737-700ER is inspired by the Boeing Business Jet and is designed for long-range commercial applications. Cabin configuration is flexible, and may range from a 48-person, all-business-class cabin, as an example, to a more traditional 126-seat count to suit the airline's needs. The high-performance derivative can fly up to 2,145 nautical miles farther than the current 737-700. With up to nine auxiliary fuel tanks and optional Blended Winglets, the Next-Generation 737-700ER is capable of flying 5,510 nautical miles.

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