Boeing's Innovative Maintenance Tool Attracts European Carriers

Two European customers have signed up for Boeing's Web-based maintenance tool, which is fast becoming an industry standard for carriers seeking efficiency improvements afforded by e-Enabled aviation maintenance and performance solutions.

Sterling Airlines A/S of Dragoer, Denmark, and the Stockholm-based SAS Group have ordered Maintenance Performance Toolbox. Toolbox will be used by the airline units within SAS Group: SAS and SAS Braathens, the Oslo-based affiliate. The SAS units will be using Toolbox on their Boeing Next-Generation 737 fleets; Sterling will use Toolbox on both its Classic and Next-Generation 737s.

The carriers acquired Toolbox capabilities that provide easy access to current and critical maintenance information as well as the ability to streamline the potentially cumbersome process of customizing online maintenance manuals. They also signed up for a specific tool that will help generate, update and track task cards, which are labor-intensive documents required by aviation regulators for a wide range of airplane maintenance activities.

"These customers are confirming the value of Boeing's Maintenance Performance Toolbox to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance operations," said Dan da Silva, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. "In an increasingly competitive industry, Boeing is proud to have a solution that will help operators become more efficient."

Toolbox is an award-winning suite of software solutions that represents the industry's first set of productivity tools designed to unify an airline's maintenance and engineering operations from start to finish.

Available via an Internet browser as a secured, hosted service, Toolbox provides reliable access to all of its tools through, Boeing's Internet portal.

In all, Toolbox today comprises five different tools in one easy-to-use suite of software products that airlines can employ to tailor an efficient solution to their specific needs. The product was honored last year as a "breakthrough technology" by Aviation Week magazine.

Toolbox is a key element in Boeing's efforts to help airlines gather and use precise, practical and timely information through the use of multiple digital solutions. The solutions, which include products such as Airplane Health Management and the Class 3 Electronic Flight Bag, are designed to integrate seamlessly to offer comprehensive solutions to airlines' maintenance needs.

Boeing announced its first customer for Toolbox late last year. So far in 2006, Boeing has announced eight new airline customers for the solution including Copa Airlines, Skymark Airlines, China Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Jet Airways and Air China in addition to the two European customers.

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