F-15K Makes History with SLAM-ER Release

The F-15K multi-role fighter, built by Boeing [NYSE: BA] for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF), has become the first F-15 to release a Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) weapon.

The historic weapons release occurred at Point Mugu, Calif., during the F-15K's certification testing.

"The F-15K and the SLAM-ER performed well," said John Heilmann, F-15K program manager for Boeing. "The aircraft and the weapon complement each other, and together will help the ROKAF deter threats in the region."

For the test, the F-15K released the Boeing-built SLAM-ER at 25,000 feet at Mach 0.8 approximately 100 nautical miles from its target. The SLAM-ER maneuvered to its target and scored a direct hit.

Korea is the first international customer for the SLAM-ER, the only long-range, precision-guided, man-in-the-loop weapon currently providing the F-15K with a precision standoff weapon capability. The U.S. Navy recognizes the SLAM-ER, with its 500-pound warhead, as the most accurate weapon in its inventory.

The F-15K can perform missions during day or night, in virtually any weather, carrying more than 23,000 pounds of payload, including the SLAM-ER, Joint Direct Attack Munition and Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles.

Korea has received the first four of 40 F-15Ks for the ROKAF. The remainder will be delivered by August 2008. The first two aircraft were delivered in October 2005 during the Seoul Air Show.

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