Sea Launch Begins a Sold-Out Year

Following a banner year in 2005 with four successful missions and nine new commercial launch contracts, Sea Launch is now preparing for the first of six missions in 2006, planned for February.

"Like our colleagues in the launch industry, we are excited at the prospect of a promising upturn in the launch services market," Jim Maser, president of Sea Launch. In addition to the growth of new applications, such as Broadband, High Definition Television (HDTV), Direct-to-Home (DTH) and Digital Audio Radio Systems (DARS), the market for replacement satellites is also expected to remain healthy, he explained.

Unlike its competitors, Sea Launch is not dependent on government contracts, customers or launch ranges. Launching from a floating platform in equatorial waters of the Pacific Ocean, Sea Launch is a private, commercial company that takes pride in helping other companies to build their businesses.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their confidence and trust in our reliable launch services," said Maser. "The relationships we have developed during our first decade are the foundation for our future. Now, with returning and new customers filling our manifest into our second decade, we further our growing reputation for doing what we say we are going to do, meeting our commitments and responding quickly and creatively to our customers' requirements."

"Sea Launch continues to build its legacy with one successful launch, one satisfied customer, at a time," Maser said.

With a healthy backlog of firm contracts and options, Sea Launch is now working with customers who are interested in securing launches in 2007 and beyond. Sea Launch's robust Zenit-3SL launch vehicle accommodates commercial spacecraft with a payload systems mass in the range of 3500-6100+ kg. Launch services for medium weight spacecraft in the range of 1000-3500 kg are available on the Land Launch Zenit-3SLB vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Sea Launch Company, LLC, headquartered in Long Beach, California, is the world's most reliable heavy-lift commercial launch service. Established in 1995, Sea Launch is an international partnership of The Boeing Company (U.S.), Kvaerner ASA (Norway), RSC Energia (Russia) and SDO Yuzhnoye/PO Yuzhmash (Ukraine). It offers the most direct and cost-effective route to geostationary orbit for commercial spacecraft. With the advantage of a launch site on the Equator, Sea Launch can lift heavier spacecraft mass or provide longer life on orbit, offering best value plus schedule assurance. For additional information, please visit the Sea Launch website at:
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