Ryanair to Launch Innovative Boeing Maintenance Package in Europe

Ireland-based Ryanair will implement the Maintenance Performance Toolbox from Boeing [NYSE: BA], an innovative set of performance-enhancing solutions for aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting. Accessible via an Internet browser as a secured, hosted service, the Maintenance Toolbox is a key component within Boeing's evolving portfolio of solutions for aircraft maintenance.

The Maintenance Toolbox comprises five different tools that will help Ryanair manage a wide variety of activities, including technical publications, structural repairs, maintenance and engineering.

Technical publications departments use the Maintenance Toolbox to create customized airline documents, modify original equipment manufacturer manuals, and create task cards. Built-in workflow tracking ensures that the document audit trail is complete and approved before release to users. The Maintenance Toolbox gives mechanics on the flight line, in the hangar, and at the maintenance operations center fast and efficient access to the information they need.

The new 3D Structural Repair Database tool helps engineers comply with upcoming requirements. Engineers can save successful solutions for reuse on recurrent tasks.

"We are pleased to be a developmental partner with Boeing on the Maintenance Toolbox," said Mick Hickey, Director of Engineering and Maintenance for Ryanair. "In order to remain the number one carrier of passengers in Europe, we strive to stay ahead of our competition by maintaining a modern fleet of 737-800s and supporting that fleet safely and reliably by utilizing leading-edge technology solutions such as the Maintenance Toolbox. The implementation of the Maintenance Toolbox will allow us to keep our operational costs low -- savings which we pass along to our passengers."

Boeing will provide secure hosting for all of Ryanair's data and reliable access to the user interface through Engineers need only a computer -- a laptop, desktop or pen tablet -- and an Internet connection to access the system.

"The Maintenance Toolbox is a shining example of how Boeing and Ryanair are continuing to work together to define the right products at the right time for Ryanair's operations," said Todd Nelp, vice president, Customer Support-Europe, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. "As the first carrier in Europe to order the Maintenance Toolbox, Ryanair is again demonstrating its commitment to innovation and cost-efficient maintenance solutions."

The Maintenance Toolbox is a key element of Boeing's effort to e-Enable the air transport system. Boeing intends to offer content, applications, and services that connect all the data generated by an entire flight operation -- in the air, on the ground and in the hangar -- meaningful to all users: pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, operations departments, airport users and other potential customers.

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