Boeing Selects PFW as a Supplier for the 787 Dreamliner

Boeing [NYSE:BA] has selected Pfalz-Flugzeugwerke (PFW) to provide metallic tubing and ducting for the all-new 787 Dreamliner.

This agreement includes the design and manufacture of tubes responsible for the fluid supply of the hydraulic systems. The hydraulic systems provide power to the flight control and landing gear systems. PFW will also design and manufacture tubes responsible for the supply of fuel to the engines and the auxiliary power unit as well as the nitrogen generation system, which ensures an inert atmosphere in the fuel tanks.

"PFW's extensive knowledge of titanium tubing makes them the right choice to provide this critical component of the airplane," said Mike Bair, 787 vice president and general manager. "This is another example of Boeing partnering with top international companies to develop the best product for our customers."

In addition to the systems above, PFW will provide tubes for the integrated cooling system and the power electronics cooling system. These two systems provide critical cooling to the 787 electronic systems.

PFW selected their strategic partner Garner CAD Technic (GCT) to assist with the design of the tubing elements.

Hans-Peter Traber, managing director of PFW, said, "We are honored to have been selected by Boeing for this exciting new program. This award represents a milestone in the long and distinguished history of PFW and is the culmination of intensive preparation and team effort. We are confident in our ability to contribute to the success of the 787."

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner
The 787 is a family of three super-efficient airplanes that will provide passengers with a better flying experience, including an improved cabin environment with more room and more conveniences. The 787-8 will carry 223 passengers in three classes of seating with a range of up to 8,500 nautical miles (15,700 kilometers). The 787-3, a model of the 787-8 optimized for shorter flights, will carry 296 passengers in two-class seating on ranges up to 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 kilometers). The 787-9, a longer version of the 787-8, will carry 259 passengers in three classes with a range of 8,300 nautical miles (15,400 kilometers).

PFW (Pfalz-Flugzeugwerke GmbH), is a privately owned designer and manufacturer of aerospace tube and duct systems, structures, cargo loading systems and fuel tanks, serving major aerospace customers worldwide. The company has headquarters and operations in Speyer (Germany), Izmir (Turkey) and Farnborough (UK).

GCT (Garner CAD Technic),, is a worldwide organization rendering engineering design services to major aerospace customers worldwide. GCT has its headquarters in Munich (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Bournemouth (UK) and Seattle (US).

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