Boeing Completes 787 Firm Configuration

Members of the 787 Dreamliner team gathered today to celebrate the achievement of firm configuration for the all-new Boeing [NYSE:BA] airplane. This milestone marks the close of the joint development phase of the program and the full-scale start of detailed design.

"Firm configuration means the airplane's structural, propulsion and systems architectures are firm. They are not changing," said Mike Bair, vice president and general manager of the 787 program. "This allows us and our partners to proceed with detailed design -- down to the smallest parts and final composite ply layouts -- with great confidence.

"At the end of detailed design, we will know what each inch of the airplane looks like and how it interacts with every other inch of the airplane."

Commenting further on reaching firm configuration, Bair noted: "The team has done a fantastic job to get us through this important milestone. There are still great challenges ahead as we move toward the beginning of production, first flight, certification and our first deliveries, but we are confident in our abilities to meet our commitments to our customers."

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Lori Gunter