Boeing Projects Strong Market Demand for Commercial Airplanes in Russia and the CIS

Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will require approximately 1,340 passenger airplanes over the next 20 years, according to The Boeing Company's annual forecast for the commercial airplane market. Airplane acquisition will consist of new and used airplanes.

Single-aisle airplanes in the Boeing 737 family size range -- from 110 seats up -- will account for nearly 50 percent of all new airplanes entering the Russia and CIS market combined. Around 36 percent will be regional jets, defined by Boeing as airplanes with 100 seats or less. Airlines will require around 130 (or 9 percent) twin-aisle airplanes such as the all-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

"Passenger fleet development in Russia and the CIS is entering a dynamic phase, with nearly all airplanes in the current fleet set to be retired by 2024. Boeing's single- and twin-aisle product line offers operators in Russia and the CIS the flexibility and efficiency needed as traffic within and to destinations outside the region continues to grow at a steady pace", said Craig Jones, vice president of Sales for Russia and the CIS, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, at the 2005 Moscow Air Show.

Boeing projects an increase in the freighter market by almost 60 percent. Over two-thirds will be new and converted airplanes with one-third of the current fleet being retained. New and converted airplanes will be required predominantly in the standard body and medium-wide body category. The Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 will represent less than 10 percent of the Russian/CIS freighter market. Currently, 144 of the 180 Western-built aircraft operating in Russia and the CIS are Boeing products, amounting to a market share of 80 percent.

Boeing's Current Market Outlook presents the company's analysis of the 20-year demand for air travel and commercial airplanes. The report is considered the most comprehensive and well-respected analysis of the commercial aviation market. Boeing is leading the market by providing a family of airplanes that allows customers to maximize their efficiency, increase profitability, and provide the nonstop, point-to-point flights, and frequency choices passengers want.

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