Preston Software Used for Schiphol Airport Study

Preston Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company [NYSE:BA], will supply its Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM) software package to Dutch consultancy firm To70 for use in capacity studies of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

In a long-term agreement with Schiphol Group, Dutch flag carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands LVNL, To70 will examine current and predicted capacity issues at Schiphol Airport and assess the impact of changes to future traffic schedules. Currently, To70 is finalizing a highly detailed and realistic TAAM-model of Schiphol airport.

Schiphol Airport runs one of the largest and most complex airport operations in the world and is the fourth busiest airport in Europe. In 2004, it handled more than 42 million passengers and over 418,000 aircraft movements. To70 has performed various studies for Schiphol airport, but this will be the first project using TAAM.

"Having in-house capabilities of TAAM allows us to offer our existing and future clients an unprecedented and invaluable consultancy solution," said Aedo Hoekstra, director of To70.

"Our expertise in environmental aviation issues, in addition to our new simulation and modelling capabilities, adds a new dimension to conducting capacity studies at airports such as Schiphol."

The capacity model of Schiphol airport is among the many studies that To70 will conduct using TAAM. To70 procured the airspace and airport simulation system from Preston in April 2005 and will use its capabilities to conduct airport and ATC scenarios studies for aviation organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Preston Aviation Solutions develops advanced planning and operational aviation software, helping customers worldwide increase efficiency, capacity and safety through integrated simulation, decision support and scheduling solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Preston is an integral part of the Boeing Commercial Aviation Services unit. The established market presence and reach of Boeing, coupled with Preston 's world-leading technology and extensive customer base, allow Preston to offer unprecedented levels of aviation expertise, knowledge and support.

Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM) is the world's most sophisticated aviation modeling tool that can create realistic three-dimensional, multi-colored models of airspace and airport operations, facilitating decision support, planning and analysis.

To70 -- Aviation & Environment is a private, independent company specializing in the aviation industry. It has been founded with the objective to help its clients improve the performance of their operations in the field of capacity, safety and environment.

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