Boeing, Guggenheim Aviation Partners Sign for Six 747-400ER Freighters

Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GPR) will receive the first of six 747-400ER Freighters beginning in late 2006 and continue through the first half of 2008. Guggenheim currently owns a total of 11 Boeing airplanes, eight of which are leased to operators, with three in freighter conversion programs.

The 747-400ERF has a maximum takeoff weight of 910,000 pounds (412,775 kg) and a maximum payload of 248,600 pounds (112,760 kg). The airplane's range of 4,970 nautical miles (9,200 km) makes it ideal for routes such as New York to Frankfurt, London to Seoul, or Tokyo to Los Angeles. Typical 747-400ERF cruise speed is 560 mph (901 km/h).

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