Nakamura Ganjiro III Tours Boeing Commercial Airplanes Everett Plant

Nakamura Ganjiro III along with members of the Shochiku Grand Kabuki Chikamatsu-za troupe visited the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Everett, Wash. plant during their 2005 U.S. Tour. Standing in front of a Boeing 777 on the assembly line (left to right), Yukio Igawa, ANA General Manager of the U.S.A. Engineering office, discusses the 777 with Ganjiro and Nobuhiko Shirai of Shochiku Company, Ltd., the producer of Grand Kabuki.

Boeing is a sponsor of the troupe's U.S. Tour, with performances in Seattle, Wash., Berkeley, Calif., and Los Angeles, Calif., during the month of June. The Grand Kabuki's performance in Seattle was a production of the Boeing Dreamliner Arts Festival June 8 -13, which celebrated and explored the vibrant contemporary and traditional art scenes in Asia and the United States.

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