Boeing Delivers Emirates' Fourth 777-300ER with Electronic Flight Bag

Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Emirates today completed the delivery of the fourth 777-300ER (Extended Range) airplane equipped with the Boeing Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), the only fully integrated and certified Class 3 EFB in commercial service.

The airline is the largest customer for Boeing's EFB system. In total, Emirates will receive 30 777-300ERs equipped with EFB by the end of 2007.

The EFB replaces the large amount of paper crews now carry for flights, placing required data in digital format at the pilot's fingertips. In the two months since Emirates began operation with its first three EFB-equipped 777-300ERs, the airline has been impressed by the benefits of this leading-edge technology.

"The Electronic Flight Bag-equipped 777-300ERs have worked exactly as advertised, and it's helping our flight crews operate even more smoothly and efficiently," said Adel Al Redha, Emirates' executive vice president, Engineering and Operations. He also praised the efforts of the Boeing and Jeppesen staff who were instrumental in implementing the system into Emirates fleet operations.

"Our pilots love the system, and it's allowing us to move more quickly into the paperless world, where we can enhance safety, increase efficiency and ease our pilots' workload."

Emirates' airplanes are also the first commercial jets certified with Boeing's Terminal Wireless technology, allowing a two-way broadband data connection with the airport gate from touchdown to takeoff. By integrating the EFB and Terminal Wireless technology into their 777s, Emirates is a leader in moving toward an e-Enabled air transport system.

The EFB system provides a digital display of all the documentation and forms pilots typically carry onto airplanes. It also incorporates an on-board performance tool that instantly calculates an airplane's ideal speed and engine setting for all takeoff conditions, (i.e., weather, runway length, payload capacity).

Additionally, the EFB provides a view from cabin surveillance systems, helping meet current and anticipated regulatory requirements.

The EFB also uses open systems architecture so airlines can use software applications from many vendors. Boeing received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European Joint Airworthiness Authorities certification for its Class 3 EFB in October 2003, when the first commercial unit was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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