Boeing Statement on Air India 777 and 787 Announcement
In response to today's announcement by Air India, Boeing today released the following statement:

Boeing is pleased that Air India has announced its intention to purchase five 777-200LR, 10 777-300ER, and 20 787-8 airplanes, with options to buy three additional 777-200LR Worldliners, five 777-300ERs, and seven 787-8 Dreamliners at a later date.

The 777-200LR Worldliner and 777-300ER are two long-range airplanes that offer Air India flexibility in serving nonstop routes that its passengers demand. The 777-200LR will enable Air India to provide ultra-long-range, nonstop flights between any airports in India and the United States. The 777-300ER is the ideal airplane to replace the airline's current fleet of 747-200 airplanes because it offers Air India comparable capacity with twin-engine efficiency.

The 787-8 Dreamliner is the right choice for Air India to replace its aging A310 fleet. With its innovations, the 787 will allow Air India to open new nonstop routes such as Delhi-New York and Mumbai-San Francisco economically, while offering passengers unprecedented comfort.

We look forward to working with Air India to complete the process for bringing 777s and 787s in the Air India fleet.