Boeing Names Stork Fokker to 747 Large Cargo Freighter Design Team

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has named Stork Fokker AESP of the Netherlands to its team designing the structure of the 747 Large Cargo Freighter, a specially modified 747-400 jet that will transport major assemblies for the all-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Stork Fokker and Boeing will collaborate on the design of the Large Cargo Freighter's all-new pressure bulkhead. The bulkhead protects the cockpit area from cargo sliding forward and helps maintain the cockpit's cabin pressure. Stork Fokker joins Spain's Gamesa Aeronautica and Boeing engineers in Everett, Wash., Moscow and Canoga Park, Calif., in developing the unique freighter's structural design.

"Stork Fokker has a long and successful history with Boeing and they are a strong addition to our design team," said Boeing 787 Vice President of Airplane Production Scott Strode.

Henk Valk, Stork Fokker executive vice president - Marketing and Sales, said, "We are especially pleased to be part of the Large Cargo Freighter program because it provides the opportunity for Fokker's engineers and Boeing engineers to work parallel within the same disciplines. A fully integrated team is the result of this unique approach."

Boeing will use three Large Cargo Freighters as the primary means of transporting major 787 assemblies to its Everett, Wash., final assembly site from partners around the world.

The 787 is an all-new family of mid-sized airplanes that will provide exceptional fuel efficiencies for airlines and superior comfort for passengers. It enters service in 2008. Boeing has 203 announced firm orders and commitments for the 787 from 17 airlines.

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