Italy Procures Preston Airport Simulation Software

Preston Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA], will provide its Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM) software to ENAV S.p.A., Italy's air-navigation service provider.

TAAM, a sophisticated airspace and airport simulation system, will allow ENAV to perform unlimited "what-if" air traffic control (ATC) scenarios using multiple airports and en-route airspace. The simulation tool can create realistic three-dimensional, multi-colored models of the airspace controlled by ENAV, facilitating decision support, planning and analysis.

ENAV, which manages about 5,200 flights per day, will use TAAM to study such subjects as increased traffic flow and airspace utilization, the impact of redesign and reclassification of its airspace, and implications of introducing new en-route and terminal procedures.

ENAV joins a global list of TAAM users, which include civil aviation authorities, airspace planners and air navigation service providers, major air carriers, leading airports, as well as aviation research establishments, system integrators and universities.

"TAAM has helped our customers significantly improve the performance and utilization of their ATC systems," said Paul Gargett, president and chief executive officer of Preston. "We look forward to helping ENAV realize these benefits as part of a long and productive relationship."

Preston will install the simulation system software and necessary hardware at the ENAV CNS/ATM Experimental Center in Rome. The company will provide full user training, in addition to ongoing maintenance, support and software upgrades.

Preston Aviation Solutions develops state-of-the-art aviation software, helping customers worldwide increase efficiency, capacity and safety through integrated simulation, decision support and scheduling solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Preston is an integral part of the Boeing Commercial Aviation Services unit. The established market presence and reach of Boeing, coupled with Preston's world-leading technology and extensive customer base, allow Preston to offer unprecedented levels of aviation expertise, knowledge and support.

ENAV S.p.A provides air navigation services to all aircraft operating within the Italian airspace. Its aim is to handle the airspace safely and consistently, guaranteeing operational continuity and regularity, while going hand in hand with the rhythms of growth of the aeronautic system.

For further information:
Jennifer Ivanciu
Business Development Manager Europe
Preston Aviation Solutions
+44 207 484 5034
Giancarlo Ferrara
Head of CNS/ATM Experimental Centre
+39 06 8166 678