Boeing Selects Ipeco to Provide 787 Flight-Deck Seats

Boeing [NYSE:BA] will outfit its new 787 Dreamliner with flight-deck seats from Ipeco, supplied by the United Kingdom's Ipeco Group.

Based at Southend Airport in Essex , Ipeco has supplied flight-deck seats for all Boeing commercial airplane programs since 1985. Regulations require flight-deck seats to be very different from passenger seats, in needing to be highly adjustable and meet stringent test standards.

"Ipeco is a great addition to the team," said Mike Bair, vice president and general manager of the 787 program. "We are really getting to the details with the airplane. Our team has made great progress selecting partners for the program, starting with the very biggest parts and continuing with important elements like flight-deck seats."

Iain Campbell, Ipeco's managing director, said "this exciting new program will continue the excellent relationship that we have with Boeing for many years to come. We are thrilled to have won the contract."

787 Dreamliner

The 787 is a family of three super-efficient airplanes that will provide passengers with a better flying experience. The 787-8 Dreamliner will carry 223 passengers in three classes of seating with a range of up to 8,500 nautical miles (15,700 kilometers). The 787-3 will carry 296 passengers in two-class seating on ranges up to 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 kilometers). The 787-9, a longer version of the 787-8, will carry 259 passengers in three classes with a range of 8,300 nautical miles (15,400 kilometers).


Ipeco employs over 400 people in design, manufacture and test of seats for aircraft flight decks and other aerospace-related products. It now supplies flight-deck seats to almost every airline worldwide and also produces high-technology crashworthy seats rated at up to 26G for pilots in smaller aircraft.

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