Asian Composites Manufacturing Selected to Produce Boeing Next-Generation 737 Aileron Components

The Boeing Company [NYSE:BA] and Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (ACM) today celebrated the selection of the Malaysian company to produce aileron panels and components for the Boeing Next-Generation 737 family of airplanes and the first delivery to Hawker de Havilland this month.

During the ceremony, Michael Rufert, managing director, Hawker de Havilland, presented a plaque to Dr. Nazily Noor, general manager, ACM. Nazily, displaying a sample composite aileron panel, then provided information on the components, their importance to ACM's business and ACM's selection for this important work.

Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn Bhd -- a strategic alliance between Sime Darby Berhad and Naluri Berhad of Malaysia and Boeing and Hexcel Corporation of the United States -- is a world leader in supplying composite materials to the global aerospace industry. Hawker de Havilland, a Boeing subsidiary, headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is the integrator for 737 ailerons.

Ailerons are hinged sections on the trailing edge of each wing that are used to help the airplane to bank, allowing the airplane's flight path to curve. Ailerons typically work in opposition to each other -- the right aileron is deflected in the opposite direction that the left is deflected.

The aileron components are shipped to Hawker de Havilland for incorporation into complete aileron units. Final assembly for the Boeing 737 family is based in Renton , Wash.

"We are delighted to be entrusted with the manufacture of these Boeing Next- Generation 737 aileron components and we look forward to providing the world's airlines with the high quality and reliability that they associate with the 737 family," said Dr. Nazily. "Because of the rapid growth of the global commercial airplane market and the extreme popularity of the 737, this new work will increase our production by about 15 percent."

ACM currently produces advanced composite structures for wings of all Boeing jetliners in production. The ACM facility, located in Bukit Kayu Hitam, commenced production in June 2001 and employs more than 310 skilled Malaysians, along with an all-Malaysian management team.

"The selection of ACM is evidence that the management and production teams have proven their dedication and commitment to excellence," said Dr. Dinesh Keskar, senior vice president, Sales -- Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "This is an excellent example of a growing partnership between Boeing and the Malaysian aviation industry."

The Boeing Next-Generation 737 family -- the 737-600/-700/-800/-900 models -- continues the 737's pre-eminence as the world's most popular and reliable commercial jet transport.

The Next-Generation 737 models build on the strengths that made the 737 the world's most successful commercial airliner, while incorporating improvements and value-added technology designed for the 21st century. This is based on a key Boeing philosophy of delivering added value to airlines with reliability, simplicity and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

The Next-Generation 737s fly higher, faster, farther and more quietly than comparable airplanes, while offering greater fuel efficiency. Overall the 737 airplane family is the world's best-selling commercial jet airplane, with more than 5,500 ordered by 220 customers. Orders for the Next-Generation 737 family exceed 2,400 airplanes.


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