Puget Sound operations update for Boeing employees as of March 4, 5:00 PM

5:00 p.m. - Structural examinations and environmental studies of air and water quality have determined that most Boeing facilities are safe for occupancy. In addition to the Boeing Web Site, Boeing employees may call a 24-hour hotline, 1-800-899-6431/1-800-394-0662 for work-reporting instructions.

Beginning at 5 a.m., March 5th, all Puget Sound facilities will be open except where indicated below:

Kent Space Center: all buildings are open except:
The 18-21. Employees working in that site should report to the 18-25 cafeteria unless otherwise directed.

Developmental Center: all buildings are open except:
The 9-96, 9-120/second and third floors and the 9-150 (Rec. Center). Employees assigned to the first floor of the 9-96 building should report to the 9-94 cafeteria and those assigned to the second floor of the 9-96 building should report to the 9-12 cafeteria. All other displaced employees should report the 9-94 cafeteria unless otherwise directed.

Longacres: all buildings are open except:
The 25-01 building. Employees assigned to that building are being relocated to Auburn. Flight SafetyBoeing employees should report to the 25-20 building cafeteria at noon for briefings on their new Auburn locations. All other Boeing personnel assigned to the 25-01 building should report to the Auburn 17-239 building dining area at noon Monday unless otherwise directed. Employees are advised to bring cell phones.

Plant 2, including Corporate Headquarters, is open except:
The 2-044, 2-049 and the 2-010 buildings. Employees assigned to those buildings should report to the 2-81 building cafeteria unless otherwise directed.

Boeing Flight line, North Boeing Field; all buildings are open except:
The 3-801 building. Employees assigned to that building should report to the 3-800 building fourth floor media room.


All Renton site facilities are open except for the 10-85 building. Unless otherwise directed by their managers, employees assigned to the 10-85 building should report to all-team meetings at 7:30 a.m., in either the 10-90 cafeteria or the 10-80 theater.

All Renton site employees should report to work on Monday, beginning with tonight's third shift.

ARA Food Service in Renton will be limited or not available. Employees should plan to bring their lunches until further notice.

The medical clinic at Renton has been relocated to the 4-404 building.

The temporary phone line set up for reporting Renton site emergencies has been discontinued. Use the normal number, 425-237-2222.

Additional Information:

Paycheck distribution:

Pay windows in Auburn, Everett and Renton will be open during normal business hours. Current paychecks will not be affected by the situation, including retirement checks.

Additional information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.