Boeing Small Diameter Bombs Hit the Mark in First Live Test

For the first time, on December 13 and 15, two "live"; Boeing [NYSE: BA] Small Diameter Bombs (SDB), were launched for the first time by the U.S. Air Force at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., scoring direct hits on each target.

"My primary goal is to deliver the SDB capability to the warfighter in 2006 as promised," said Col. Jim McClendon, U. S. Air Force Miniature Munitions Group commander at Eglin Air Force Base. "This was a big milestone for our program."

The SDBs were successfully launched from an F-15E aircraft flying at 15,000 feet on December 13 and December 15. One target was a scoring board and the other was a Russian rocket launcher where the SDB sensor detonated the warhead just before impact.

These launches mark the 15th and 16th guided missions for the SDB during the highly successful development program. The launches tested the complete SDB system including logistics, mission planning, pneumatic four-weapon carriage and the enhanced accuracy system currently deployed in the United States.

Development of the SDB Increment II GBU-40 weapon variant for moving targets is planned to start in fiscal year 2006 as the Increment I system goes into production.

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