MidEast Jet Is First 777 Operator to Retrofit Boeing's Electronic Flight Bag

MidEast Jet Is First 777 Operator to Retrofit Boeing's Electronic Flight Bag

Boeing [NYSE: BA] today confirmed that Saudi-based VIP carrier MidEast Jet is becoming the first 777 operator to retrofit that airplane with the Boeing Class 3 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

While three 777 operators had EFBs installed during production, MidEast Jet is the first to have the system installed after the airplane was delivered.

"The Boeing EFB delivers technology benefits in a digital format," said David Thomas, MidEast Jet director of operations. "Adding it reduces the amount of charts, manuals and logbooks our pilots are used to carrying."

Boeing Commercial Aviation Services will install the EFB on MidEast Jet's 777-200ER in Germany and then redeliver to MidEast Jet.

The EFB gives MidEast Jet technology advantages for safe, secure and efficient operations. It includes an on-board performance tool that allows the pilot to instantly calculate the ideal speed and engine setting for an aircraft, in any weather condition, on any runway -- or any runway section -- with any payload.

In addition, it includes the award-winning Jeppesen Airport Moving Map application, which combines high-fidelity, geo-referenced airport taxi charts and precise navigational signals to show flight crews exactly where they are on the surface of an airport. It also gives flight crews a viewer for cabin surveillance systems, helping meet new and anticipated regulatory requirements.

Boeing received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certification for its Class 3 EFB in October 2003, when the first commercial unit was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on the carrier's first 777.

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