Boeing Announces Executive Changes in Airplane Sales, Connexion by Boeing and Internal Services

Boeing President and CEO Harry Stonecipher today announced a series of leadership changes affecting several key company positions.

Connexion by Boeing President Scott Carson has been named to lead the Boeing Commercial Airplanes sales team as vice president, Sales, reporting to Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Alan Mulally.

In his new role, Carson, 58, has responsibility for sales of commercial airplanes and related services to airline customers and leasing companies around the world. He has led Connexion by Boeing since its inception in 2000, bringing the high-speed in-flight Internet service to market with airlines in Europe and Asia. Prior to leading Connexion, he served as Commercial Airplanes' chief financial officer.

"Scott's appointment will strengthen and improve our global sales effectiveness?and that's one of our highest priorities," said Stonecipher. "Scott brings a deep understanding of airline customers and their market realities. He is an exceptional listener who follows through relentlessly on customer concerns. He shepherded the concept of in-flight connectivity into the launch of a new business by paying close attention to what potential customers were saying, and by adjusting his business plan to synch up with their needs through changing business conditions. We're delighted to have him turn his focus to the world of airplane sales."

Carson replaces Toby Bright, who will be accepting new responsibilities in Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Carson's move will result in a series of other changes:

Laurette Koellner, 50, executive vice president, Internal Services, replaces Carson as president of Connexion by Boeing. Airline passengers began using the new service last May, and it will be available globally on four airlines by year-end, with additional airlines offering the service in 2005 and beyond

Rick Stephens, 52, president, Shared Services Group, replaces Koellner at Internal Services, which includes Human Resources, the company's corporate administrative functions and Boeing Shared Services Group

Mary Armstrong, 48, Commercial Airplans vice president and general manager, Fabrication Division, replaces Stephens as president, Shared Services Group

"These changes will further develop and strengthen our leadership team," said Stonecipher, adding:

"Laurette has demonstrated leadership in finance, corporate administration, global computing, real estate management, labor relations and human resources. It's time Boeing drew on her range of talents to head one of our business units. With her at the helm, I expect the Connexion team to reach new levels of success.

"Rick is a natural to lead the Internal Services team. Having led a number of Boeing businesses including Shared Services, he understands the importance of customer focus and that success of the enterprise is based on developing the full potential of each employee. He has long been active in organizations that help develop the workforce of the future, and he'll be a strong advocate for the people of Boeing.

"Mary has ably demonstrated her ability to lead people through big changes. She pursues and drives win-win solutions?those that make both Boeing and its people more competitive."

Koellner and Stephens will serve on the Boeing Executive Council and report to Stonecipher. Armstrong reports to Stephens.

The changes are effective immediately.



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