Boeing Statement Regarding U.S. Attorney Action in Sears Case

Boeing Senior Vice President and General Counsel Doug Bain issued the following statement today after the U.S. Attorney's office in Alexandria, Va. released details in its case against former Boeing executive Mike Sears:

"Today's action brings this matter one step closer to closure. The Boeing Company will continue to provide any information requested in the ongoing review of Druyun-related procurements and to take appropriate action to finally resolve this matter.

"We believe the Statement of Facts reinforces what we have said before-- that no Boeing executive other than Mr. Sears engaged in any wrongdoing in connection with Ms. Druyun's hiring. Boeing officials believed that Mr. Sears and Ms. Druyun were fully complying with all appropriate Boeing and DOD procedures in his recruitment efforts.

"One year ago, Boeing dismissed Mr. Sears and Ms. Druyun because an internal investigation concluded they had violated Boeing hiring policies and ethical standards. Boeing immediately brought the matter to the attention of the appropriate authorities and cooperated with them throughout the investigative process.

"In addition to dismissing Mr. Sears and Ms. Druyun last year, the company commissioned an independent external review of its hiring practices, which determined that Boeing had in place well established policies and procedures. Nevertheless, the Company has adopted recommendations from that review and strengthened its policies in this area, including establishing an Office of Internal Governance reporting directly to the CEO.

"Today, every employee of The Boeing Company-- at every level-- understands that integrity and ethics are the foundation of our business, and we have both the will and the process to ensure accountability for any violation."



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