Boeing Adds Two Zodiac Companies to 7E7 Dreamliner Team

Boeing [NYSE:BA] is adding two subsidiaries of France 's Zodiac Groupe to its team of 7E7 Dreamliner global partners.

Monogram Systems, based in California, will provide the airplane's water and waste system while Air Cruisers, based in New Jersey, will provide the escape slides.

"As we further define the 7E7 we are choosing industry experts to provide key technologies and equipment to meet our customers' needs," said Mike Bair, vice president and general manager of the 7E7 program.

"The 'Working Together' spirit of the 7E7 is pioneering the framework of how aircraft programs will be developed in the future," said Mike Rozenblatt, president of Monogram Systems. "Monogram is pleased to have been selected to work with Boeing on this exciting and challenging airplane."

Jose Redento, president of Air Cruisers said, "Air Cruisers is honored to have been selected and is very excited to be part of the 7E7 aircraft program."

Zodiac joins Dassault Systemes, Thales and Snecma Group companies Labinal, Messier-Dowty and Messier-Bugatti as the most recent France-based company on the 7E7 team.

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Launched in April 2004, the fuel-efficient 7E7 is a family of three airplanes designed to serve on routes between 3,500 and 8,500 nautical miles (6,500 and 15,700 kilometers). The Dreamliner will provide passengers with a better flying experience, including an improved cabin environment with more room and more conveniences.


Monogram Systems, with operating divisions in Carson, California; Rockford, Illinois; and Hamburg, Germany; is the leading water and waste system supplier for commercial, regional, and business aircraft. Monogram worked closely with Boeing in the late 1970s to develop the first commercial aircraft vacuum waste system for the 767. Other Monogram System products include in-flight trash compactors, air chillers, galley waste disposal systems, airstairs for the 737 and pilot and operator seats

Air Cruisers

Since being established in 1935, Air Cruisers has provided inflatable safety technology to every significant development in the field of aviation. The company produced the first inflatable life vests, the first vacuum packed inflatable life vest, the first inflatable aircraft evacuation slides and slide rafts, the first helicopter fixed floats and the first helicopter pop-out inflatable floats. Air Cruisers has been supplying Boeing escape slides since the inception of the 707 and has developed escape slides for the 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 717, DC-8 , DC-9, DC-10, MD-80/-90 and MD-11 programs.

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