SLAM-ER Launch Demonstrates Flexible Targeting Capability

A successful launch and control of a Boeing [NYSE: BA] Standoff Land Attack Missile -- Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) occurred recently at the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake, Calif.

The missile was launched from an altitude of 10,000 feet, 45 nautical miles from its target. While in flight, simulated intelligence data revealed the primary target was destroyed so the SLAM-ER was retargeted using SLAM-ER's Land Midcourse Update. Pilots took control of the missile, guiding it to impact within 8 feet of the target.

Mark McGraw, Boeing director of naval weapons programs, said the SLAM-ER's capabilities continue to impress. "The warfighter community is always extremely positive about SLAM-ER -- it's the only weapon that can engage fixed or moving targets on the land and sea providing our customers with a distinct advantage. And we continue to work with the Navy to define future upgrades."

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