Airbus, Boeing Distribute Updated Training Aid to Airlines

Airbus and Boeing [NYSE: BA] have distributed to 900 commercial airplane customers worldwide an updated training aid as part of a continuing effort to reduce loss-of-control airplane accidents.

The upset recovery training aid is contained in a compact disc format with tutorials, training syllabus and videos, and focuses on helping flight crews recover from unusual flight attitudes that can result from numerous causes, or "upset" conditions. It is also designed to increase the pilot's ability to recognize and avoid situations that can lead to airplane upsets.

The training aid was originally released in 1998 using the same collective industry and government process. These teams were composed of domestic and international experts representing a wide range of knowledge and interests. Airbus and Boeing have provided the training aid update as a means of giving customers the most recent information available on upset recovery training -- and the recommendation that the training aid be incorporated into their current training programs.

"The academic and practical design of the training allows the airlines to use those modules that provide the most benefits to their training," said Capt. Larry Rockliff, vice president -- training for Airbus North America and team co-chair. "They may incorporate the tool or extract portions of the material to enhance existing programs. But using a consistent industry standard of knowledge and training is necessary to reduce further the number of loss-of-control accidents," he added.

"While on the decline since the training aid was first released, loss-of-control accidents are still a leading cause of fatal accidents in the world's commercial fleet," said Capt. Dave Carbaugh, Boeing chief pilot and team co-chair. "In order to further reduce that number, the industry needs to continue to work hard to improve aviation safety. This training aid is one way to do that," he added.

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