Boeing Electronic Flight Bag Available for Retrofit on BBJ

Boeing [NYSE: BA] is making its industry-leading Class 3 Electronic Flight Bag available for retrofit on Boeing Business Jets, giving BBJ operators the chance to make unsurpassed gains in safety, security and efficiency.

The Boeing EFB contains the documentation and forms that pilots carry -- Jeppesen charts, manuals for fault reporting and operations, minimum equipment lists and logbooks -- in digital format, and puts them at the crew's fingertips. It is the only fully integrated, FAA-certified EFB available on the market today.

EFB includes an on-board performance tool that allows the pilot to instantly calculate the ideal speed and engine setting for an aircraft, in any weather, on any runway -- or any runway section -- with any payload.

In addition, the EFB includes the award-winning Jeppesen Airport Moving Map application, which combines high-fidelity, geo-referenced airport taxi charts and precise navigational signals to show flight crews exactly where they are on the surface of an airport. It also gives flight crews a viewer for cabin surveillance systems, helping meet new and anticipated regulatory requirements.

Boeing is offering an avionics-installed "Class 3" version of the EFB comprising Jeppesen software and data, and electronics and display hardware from Astronautics Corp. of America. Boeing Commercial Aviation Services will design the installation on BBJ and handle all certification issues.

Boeing received U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certification for its Class 3 EFB in October 2003, when the first commercial unit was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on the carrier's first 777.

Installation of an EFB will give BBJ operators a first step into the future of the e-enabled air transport system. Boeing is offering content, applications, and services that connect all the data generated by an entire flight operation -- in the air, on the ground and in the hangar -- meaningful to all users: pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, operations departments and airport users -- and other potential customers.

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