Boeing Statement on U.S.-EU Trade Meeting

The Boeing Company shares the U.S. government's view that it is time to put an end to subsidies for the development and production of large commercial aircraft. The launch aid and other subsidies that Airbus Industrie receives distorts the airplane market and inhibits competition.

Boeing also agrees that this goal should be achieved quickly. We believe that the issue is sufficiently straightforward that a prompt resolution is obtainable if the EU is serious about achieving that goal. Unfortunately, the EU appears to continue to try to focus attention away from the massive launch aid that only Airbus receives; it is time for Airbus to accept the financial and marketplace risks that true commercial companies experience.

We remain determined to ensure that competition in the large commercial aircraft market is undistorted by subsidies. We will continue to support any course of action that the U.S. government deems necessary to achieve this goal.

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Dick Dalton