Boeing Makes 7E7 Colors Standard for Its Commercial Airplanes Business

Majestic shades of blue and white inspired by the Earth and sky highlight the new look Boeing [NYSE:BA] is adopting as its Commercial Airplanes brand colors.

Developed for the company's all-new 7E7 Dreamliner passenger airplane, the colors and design are being extended to Boeing's current passenger airplanes and collateral items including models, brochures, World Wide Web sites and apparel.

"The colors wonderfully represent the spirit of Boeing and commercial aviation," said Commercial Airplanes Vice President, Brand and Market Positioning, Rob Pollack. "They evoke the world we connect, the horizon for which we strive, and our commitment to innovation and defining the future of flight."

On an airplane's exterior, four shades of blue and two shades of white combine throughout the plane's length as a visual depiction of the horizon and sky. While future Boeing-operated airplanes, such as those in flight testing, will feature the colors, Boeing's decision doesn't change the paint designs that airlines apply to their airplanes.

Via its World Wide Web site, Boeing is distributing images of its 717, 737, 747, 767, and 777 models in the new colors. Several of the company's gift stores today begin selling airplane models, apparel, and other items featuring the colors. People in the Seattle region will also see several company trucks featuring the design.

These colors replace the design introduced in 1981. On an airplane, the previous approach featured a white upper fuselage, blue lower fuselage, and red, white and blue striping.

The new colors are the fifth standard commercial airplanes color set in the company's history. Boeing introduced the first standard for its airplanes in 1928. That applied orange to wing and tail surfaces and grey and dark green to the fuselage.


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