Boeing Statement on Puget Sound and Commercial Airplanes Employment

The Boeing Company is seeking to fill a number of open positions in the Puget Sound area, including stress and loads engineers for the 7E7 Dreamliner as well as engineers to work on Integrated Defense Systems programs. In addition, Boeing has begun recalling some laid-off machinists in Seattle, Wichita and Portland to support previously announced plans to increase production by approximately 15 jetliners next year and to work on defense projects.

As a result, The Boeing Company anticipates adding between 2,000 and 3,000 positions in the Puget Sound area by the end of this year. Most of these positions will be with Commercial Airplanes; some will be at Integrated Defense Systems.

Commercial Airplanes, which began 2004 with just under 55,000 employees -- and currently employs 53,400 -- plans to add just over 2,500 positions by the end of the year. While the majority of these positions will be in Puget Sound, we anticipate adding between 250-300 positions in Wichita; and between 50-100 positions in Portland.

As the market for jetliners improves, Commercial Airplanes will maintain its recent productive gains and be disciplined in adjusting employment levels to meet business plans.