Passenger-Pleasing Boeing Airplane Features on Display at ITB 2004

Boeing [NYSE: BA] Commercial Airplanes will display the passenger-pleasing features of its all-new Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner airplane and its best-selling 737 jetliner during the ITB Berlin 2004 travel and tourism show March 12 through 16.

The Boeing exhibit will be located in Stand 110 in Hall 11.1. Visitors will be able to step into the future of flight when they enter the 7E7 Dreamliner Dome, a specially designed theater that uses a 5-meter-tall semicircular screen to provide a three-dimensional experience. Once inside, visitors will feel as if they are in the 7E7 passenger cabin as they are surrounded by video showing the airplane's innovative architectural and lighting features.

The Boeing exhibit also includes a large interactive, multimedia presentation about the Boeing Next-Generation 737, a popular airplane with European airlines that has a reputation for on-time departures.

Visitors will also see firsthand the type of innovative solutions Boeing is developing to reduce aircraft noise at Europe's airports. On display is the rear section of an engine nacelle (the back portion of an airplane jet engine covering) with a scalloped edge called a chevron.

Heat makes the scalloped edge, made of "smart" metal, fold inward on takeoff, thereby dulling the sound of exhaust. As the airplane rises and the air cools, the metal edge straightens out. Boeing plans to use this new technology on its airplanes in the future.

Boeing will hold small-group media briefings on two subjects at ITB on Sunday, March 14, and Monday, March 15. Klaus Brauer, who is working on design planning for the 7E7 Dreamliner's interior and is considered the industry's leading authority on cabin configuration, will discuss innovations in cabin design that will make flying a more comfortable experience.

Billy Glover, Boeing director of environmental performance strategy, will discuss the innovative steps Boeing is taking to minimize aircraft emissions and noise. Glover serves on a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration subcommittee on energy and environment.

The briefings will be repeated several times both days in the meeting area inside the Boeing exhibit.

Media interested in attending the Boeing briefing at ITB should contact Beatrice Bracklo in the Boeing Berlin Office at 49 (30) 77377-106

Boeing has enjoyed a partnership with the European travel and tourism industry since the 1950s, when Boeing jetliners were introduced in service with European charter airlines. Today, Boeing products represent about 67 percent of the jetliners now in service with European holiday charter airlines and about 85 percent of the jetliners in service with Europe's low-fare carriers.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is the world's leading provider of commercial jetliners and airplane services.

For further information:
Beatrice Bracklo
49 (30) 77377-106
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