Dassault Systémes and Boeing -- Partners in Innovation for 7E7 Dreamliner

Dassault Systémes and The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] are accelerating development of Dassault Systémes' integrated Product Lifecycle Management version 5 (PLM V5) platform. The enhanced PLM solutions will enable Boeing and its partners to implement the digital tools and processes necessary to meet the challenges of the technologically-advanced 7E7.

Working together, Boeing and Dassault Systémes are creating a virtual development workspace known as the 7E7 Global Collaboration Environment (GCE). In this virtual environment, Boeing will design, build and test every aspect of the 7E7 airplane and its manufacturing processes digitally before production begins using the full suite of Dassault Systémes' PLM software solutions.

With the GCE, Boeing and Dassault Systémes are providing the 7E7 team with the tools, technologies and processes that will make it easy for people around the globe to work together in real time. Contributing to the Global Collaboration Environment, Dassault Systémes' solutions (CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, and SMARTEAM) will provide a fully distributed, worldwide collaborative workspace that integrates all 7E7 program partners into a single, seamless community. In addition, Dassault Systémes Product Lifecycle Management Practices will ensure consistent development methodologies across the GCE.

"Boeing and Dassault Systémes employees are working together daily to define and develop the software and business processes that will become the 7E7 Global Collaboration Environment," said Frank Statkus, vice president 7E7 Advanced Technology, Boeing. "This environment will enable our company to coordinate the development efforts of its virtual enterprise, business partners and suppliers around the world."

The 7E7 will be the most advanced and efficient commercial airplane in its class and will set new standards for environmental responsibility and passenger comfort. To achieve this goal, Dassault Systémes, its CAA* partners, and Boeing are extending the PLM V5 suite in order to dramatically transform the way Boeing designs, simulates, assembles and manufactures the 7E7.

"The 7E7 airplane we are offering our customers is the first airplane of the second century of flight. It will offer airlines improved operating economics and give passengers a better flying experience," said Statkus. "This requires a new business model for Boeing and its partners, a business model based on a global, virtual work environment that operates 24 hours a day, year round. Our new business model is designed to improve every aspect of the product life cycle-design and manufacturing, the ownership experience, and the flying experience. Dassault Systémes is the partner we've selected to help us create and deploy the Global Collaboration Environment."

"The 7E7 project represents a gigantic step forward for Dassault Systémes," said Bernard Charlés, president and CEO, Dassault Systémes. "Boeing's adoption of the entire V5 PLM portfolio to develop this remarkable aircraft will help Boeing redefine the airplane manufacturing business and will demonstrate to corporations around the world how PLM transforms product development and enables new levels of innovation and end-to-end productivity."


* CAA V5 -- Component Application Architecture Version 5 is Dassault Systémes' open development platform.

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